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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves' countdown for 2019.... #13, Riho Yoshioka

 Moving right along now with these posts, twelve more to go which averages out to three a week for the month of December. Yesterday's post said I was a bit worried about positions twelve and thirteen as there weren't many new pics or happenings. Number twelve I'm still a bit worried about but this post for today should be an okay one and think most of them for the top ten will be terrific.
 Yesterday's post was for position #14 who is my current number one gravure model. But my all time gal in that vein is Riho who I've been so ga-ga over but these days she's really given up doing gravure spreads or pictorials but do have a semi one near the bottom which has never been posted before. Riho is one of just two women on this yearly list who also appeared on my 'All Time Top Twenty Faves' list, she squeezed in at number twenty.
 Did that list last Autumn and the main reason she barely made the list is that 2018 was such a slow year for Riho and think she had only one post for the whole year. However 2019 has been the opposite as she's had eight posts since July and she's remained such a popular gal of so many viewers, if I did that list again today for my all time faves think she'd move up at least five spots.

 Riho will be turning 27 on January 15th, there's three on this year's list who have a birthday between the fifth and fifteenth. Just a few new happenings for today, Riho is someone who doesn't have a blog nor I think an Instagram account as I can never find those kinds of pics. As mentioned she was a gravure model up until mid 2017 when she began concentrating more on her acting career and it's really paid off for her.
 So many models do go into acting but to me she's been the one that has done the best out of any of them as she's become so popular plus usually has the main lead or female lead role in her dramas and films. It's been about three years since Riho appeared in a stage play but on January 14th she's be in the "Fortune" play which is set in London and there are British actors in the play. The play will be at the Tokyo Metro Theater Playhouse from January 14th until February 2nd, then I think it goes to Osaka. On November 28th there was a press conference for it.

 For the "Fortune" play she also did a recent interview with the 'Spice EPlus' site.

 Riho is a model for at least five sites or magazines but there hasn't been many pics as of late. This is a bad time of year for new modeling pics but once the Spring collections start coming out we should be seeing many fabulous new pics. One small new mag spread that's from the January issue of More.

 There's a Riho pictorial which I had missed that came out in April and contained sixty pics. It was from 'Digital Shupure' or in other words the WPB magazine. Not quite a gravure batch of pics but it's as close as she's come do having a pictorial like this in over a year. Have 32 of the pics here and will have the others in her next post.

 May not have seemed like a huge spread but there were over fifty new pics, just not a lot of different happenings. Will end off with some of Riho's 'geratest pics', such a shame she no longer does gravure spreads for as I mentioned in the beginning she's my all time number one gravure model. For as many spreads as Riho did there's such a shortage of videos on YT from the photo shoots. But do have one after the pics which is a bit long but it's my fave from her and highly recommended.