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Friday, December 30, 2022

Nogizaka46: Haruka Kaki.... Who better to end the year off with!(?)


 Still think she looks so much like Erika Toda's much younger sister! This was an unplanned post as I was going to do a different one and will explain briefly why there was a change. As most know my days as a huge Nogi fan is a thing of the past though there are a few members who I still like so you'll be seeing the odd post here and there, hopefully at least one a month. It's a coincidence but three of the last four years have ended off with a post for a Nogi member.

 Haruka's first post was done about four weeks ago that had her super duper "Massara" photobook. I think that book is so terrific and it's nice to do posts for Idols who try not to make themselves look overly bodacious. That post has been the second most viewed one of the month and was going to wait until it died down but that could be another two months! So moved Haruka's second post up by at least a month and wonder if posts like this one will be that popular? Sure hope so as they're some fabulous photos for today and there may be close to a hundred!

 So will have at least one more post for Haruka's 2022 activities, she seems to be a busy young woman so there should be plenty of new things for her in the future. Haruka has been the center for two Nogi singles and if it wasn't for a graduation she may have been the center once again for their current single. Don't know if she appears tall in solo pics but her height is 166 cm which makes her the second tallest member or at least for current ones. Those above five are from her first and only photobook to date but those will be the only gravure pics you'll see which is okay as she looks fine dressed normally....

 No reason for that above pic save that I really, really do adore her ex-mate! This will be a large psot with a little bit of many things except for event pics and Haruka doesn't attend too many of them but will have some of those photos in her next post. First off are some recent blog pics and she doesn't post that many compared to other members.

 In that bottom pic Nogi's tallest member is on the right. Of course in the middle is Yuki and the plan was for her to have the final post for the second year in a row. But if you're a fan then you've heard some news of her lately that may be another Idol scandal or perhaps it won't be. But want to wait a while to see how everything pans out and hope it's just some rumor which it often is.

 There's only one other fourth generation member who I'll be having posts for who is Saya. Her first post was done towards the end of November and her second will be in about two weeks.

 Haruka is a host for the "School of Locks" radio show that airs on Tokyo FM, she hosts it for one week a month and began doing that in April 2021. Here's some pics from the show's site for this month but they don't have as many as they did years ago.

 Have plenty of Nogi cards for today, of course Christmas just passed so here's some cards for the holiday along with a pair of others.

 Expect to see many Haruka cards in future posts, this huge batch is for the 'Nogi Fes' series going back three months and as you can see some are for Halloween.

 Will end off with a trio of superb 2022 magazine spreads. But to my surprise there weren't all that many for this year which is odd because Haruka did have a photobook. From 2019-21 she had so many solo spreads but that number really dwindled this year and wonder why? First off is this set from the March 16th issue of Weekly Shonen.

 Second up is this set from the June 25th issue of Weekly Shonen Champion, her photobook came out three weeks before yet there's no outtake pics in this spread.

 Last batch of pics for today has Haruka as the cover girl for the July 21st issue of Young Jump. After the pics have a promo video from eight months ago for the 'Nogi Koi' web game, there's also many cards for the game which will be in future Haruka posts.