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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Yuki Yoda: Who better to end the year off with!?


 First time not using Nogizaka in the title for a member post, wonder if it makes a difference? Finally the end of the year and don't know why but 2021 seemed to drag on forever, the older I've gotten the quicker the years zoomed by but for some reason not this year. Good and bad year for this blog, started out so sluggish until May and now these last six weeks have been the busiest in four years as far as the amount of posts go so we did end off on a high note. No changes are in store for the upcoming year and really wouldn't know what changes I could do? Seems like I've gotten into a bit of a rut with the posts but at least it's a good rut, sometimes I wish there could be different kinds of posts but clueless on what they could be, think I'm just going a bit loony from all the posts done since mid November. So this is the last post of the year and the first one for next year will be an A++++ photobook, have had many of them recently but to me this will be the best of the bunch!

 Hard to top the pics from her second photobook but I've been preferring ones like right above, you really can't go wrong with any of her pics!!!! So after being the number one most popular woman here in 2020 Yuki tumbled to second place for this year. But I still think she's the most popular gal here with you viewers which is why I chose to end off the year with her! In 2021 Yuki's posts had an average of 1,304 views which was a drop of ninety from the previous year. But that's not a negative at all for in 2020 her amazing second photobook came out, no books this year so that's an impressive average. The number one woman for 2021 with you viewers had a book, that made all the difference in the world.

 Don't think Yuki would ever be #1 on my yearly faves list but don't know why she shouldn't be a staple in the top ten, have a feeling starting with 2022 you'll never see more than two Nogi members make the top twenty. But she is staking an early claim as this is her second post in the 'Nao Year' and there may be five(!) next month. Am holding back two mag spreads and some new Nogi cards, those total about thirty pics. Plus the subs for her drama "Saiai no Hito: The Other Side of Nihon Chinbotsu" should be completed and there will be four posts for the eight episode series. Hmmmm, so if she doesn't watch herself perhaps being #1 for 2022 could be a possibility. Too early to think about it but going into next year there's no front runners even though #1 has been the same woman two years in a row.

 In February a second generation member has a photobook coming out which usually wouldn't be anything major. But it'll be the first non-Nogi graduation book since November 2020 so does that mean we may see Yuki's third photobook in 2022? Have no clue but would love to see it or at least a second book for some other long time members. Have at least seventy new pics for today but some are older ones that had been missed from the past year, that's still an impressive number as her last post was just two weeks ago. Let's start off with a few recent pics from her Instagram page, seems all Nogi members have one and you rarely see any posts at their group blog.

 Of course that bottom pic isn't new and is from the "Zambi" drama, what's kind of funny is that Yuki said those words!!!! Will be ending off with a pair of mag spreads but have a mini one here from the December 15th issue of Anan.

 Yuki is a model for about four sites but there's been so few pics lately and hopefully that'll bee changing soon. This set was missed from a year ago and was for a 7-Eleven campaign which featured seven members and were considered part of the 'Nogi Koi' card series.

 Brand new Yuki cards from Nogi's 'Always With You' collection.

 More cards for the 'NogiKoi' series but the first trio look like a continuation of the ones from December 2020.

 On December 10th there was an event to promote Nogi's new album "Time Flies" but there were so few pics from it. You will notice one member with a patch, wanted to do a post for her with event pics but that got shot down as she looked more like a Pirate than an Idol! It's considered Nogi's first greatest hits album but the same could be said for their first four albums because 80% of the songs on those were from their singles. It was released on December 15th, first week sales were 282,000+ as it was #1 on the charts, week two it slid to fifth selling 23,000+ copies.

 Went back and double checked all of Yuki's posts for the year and can't believe I missed this spread. No scantly clad pics but the set is so terrific and she was the cover girl for the May issue of Bubka. For the last year have been moaning about the decrease in Nogi mag spreads since mid 2020. It is true for this is the 43rd post this year to have  Nogi mag spread, from 2015-19 there were over a hundred posts each year with mag spreads(!), what a huge drop then in them and wonder why? Obviously one reason is so many popular members graduated but almost a 70% decrease?

 Will be ending off with another fabulous mag spread that's from the January 5th issue of Young Magazine and as mentioned am holding back a pair for her next post. Yuki appears on so many covers and in 2020 won a major award for being the Idol who was on the most mag covers for that year, don't think she'll repeat as champion. Yuki did host 'Showroom" last week but those videos are just a bit too long. After the pics have a newish one from July and BLT Graph, it was for her August spread.