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Friday, September 24, 2021

Jin Ki-Joo: Another (too) brief resurrection from the dead....


 May have touched upon this briefly before and how I need to work on some posts for a group of faves. The amount of posts for Japanese actresses and Idols has stayed about the same his year, the biggest difference to prior years is the lack of posts for Korean actresses and dramas. Probably had 7-10 posts a month but this is only the eighth for an actress this whole year! While activities in Japan have certainly slowed down the last year it's been so much worse in Korea as there's been so few events and such taking place. So what's happened is that I've forgotten about some of my fave actresses but think this post will break the ice and you'll be seeing more soon. Lack of posts is why this year's faves list may be only sixteen instead on twenty as usually three Korean actresses made the list.

 So if you're kind of new here you may not know who Ki-Joo is but there weren't too many bigger faves of mine in 2018/19. But just one post last year and 2021 has been kind of slow too but things may be picking back up. Ki-Joo has the lead role in the "Showtime Begins" drama that begins next April, Korean dramas have really slipped this past year but I'll be viewing that one. Have seen four of her dramas and "The Secret Life of my Secretary" was my #1 show for 2019, she also just had her first lead role in a film. 

 That movie is titled "Midnight" which I just got and most of this post will be about it. Have one more episode of a drama that I need to watch and recap, just waiting for the subs and once that's done will be starting on the film but have skimmed through it. Let's get to things and have some interview pics she did for the film, four pics each from the Chosun and Star sites.

 Know most would prefer Idol pics but you can get tired of looking at them, know that I've been that way and to me Ki-Joo is more attractive than 99% of them. As mentioned she had the lead role in the film and will have a pair of posts soon reviewing "Midnight". Ki-Joo's character's name is Kyung-Mi who is a deaf woman that works as a customer service rep helping out other hearing impaired people. However this is a very intense/suspenseful/horror movie which are my top ones to view. Without giving away too many spoilers Kyung-Mi becomes the target of a serial killer, took some screenshots skimming through it and this looks like one superb film, here's it's trailer: Midnight trailer

 There was a screening of the film on June 9th with most of the cast.

 The movie was supposed to come out last Autumn but like so many had to be delayed as not many people were allowed in the cinemas. So the official release date was June 30th in theaters and it was also available for home viewing. Few pics here but not enough from it's premiere, while events are now allowed in Korea no audience can attend and are usually streamed live. They're not nearly as long as they used to be and are much more low key.

 Sure most reading this post want more than film pics, have some new ones to end the post off with but there's no new mag spreads. That's always been the case for Korean actresses and it seems especially for Ki-Joo. So will have a pair of older spreads and they're always too small, first five are from last October's edition of Bazaar while the others are from the May 2017 issue of Marie Claire.

 Never known Ki-Joo to be a model for any brand but will be ending off with this new batch of pics from the Zishen site and their Autumn collection. Ki-Joo is one of the older woman I post about as she'll be turning 33 in January, seems most of my fave Korean actresses are 28+ in age. Will skip having a video as there's been so recent decent ones.