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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Marie Iitoyo: Some recent tidbits....

 Can't think of a better way to end off a month than with a post for Marie. However for most viewers of this blog it's the first day of April and do have some ultra scintillating pics that are no joke! Not the biggest of posts for Marie but hadn't done one for her in a while and didn't want these pics to become dated. Above is a new CM for Vito, Marie had three new CM's come out in March.

 'Video Girl Ai' finished up it's season last night, once the final three shows are subbed will do recaps for episodes 9-12. That poster is for Marie's next drama beginning on April 17th, "Boys Over Flowers Season 2". The drama will be a continuation of the second season that aired in 2007, same school with different characters. Can't say I was a fan of either season though I watched both and the film, they were neither good nor bad which is my opinion too of the manga.
 The manga was from the 90's and there was a 1995 which I really enjoyed, the series also has had remakes in Korea and Taiwan. Unsure if I'll be watching it but leaning towards doing so as besides Marie the rest of the cast seems okay. Marie is someone who doesn't have a blog nor does she update her Instagram account often, to me that's A-OK but it also means there's not a lot of new pics of her at times.

 Second and third pics were from a Lumine photo session, they're a Japanese company for women. Marie released her first photobook "No Gazpacho" on her twentieth birthday which was on January 5th. Sold respectable as it was in the top ten ten for a few weeks though was hoping it'd reach the top spot. Since then every mag spread has featured outtake pics from the photo shoot, they all look superb but wish we could see different Marie pics as the mags seem to running the same ones. Two sets for today with the first being from the February 3rd edition of Weekly Gendai.

 Day before that Marie appeared in Friday and swear we've seen all of the pics before but can one ever get tired of looking at the above bottom one?!

 Still haven't posted her PB but that'll be happening. But do have some super duper pics that haven't been posted yet, some are from the actual book while others are somehow outtakes and all rate a ten to me....

 Marie is now a staple at the 'Tokyo Girls' Collection' shows, today they held their 26th annual Spring/Summer show at the Yokohama Arena. Marie represents Cecil McBee at these fashions shows but can't recall her ever doing anything for that clothing company. Bottom pic features the main two stars of her new drama, following that is a short video of her the event. She's only on it for a little over seconds and what a crime it was she didn't have more time on the catwalk.

Keyakizaka46: Rika Watanabe at the 'Tokyo Girls Collection' S/S show.

 Six Keya members appeared at today's 'Tokyo Girls Collection' Spring Summer show that was held at the Yokohama Arena. There were supposed to be seven from the group but Manaka cancelled and she's supposedly been having some health issues. She's had to miss Keya's last few hand shaking events and may not appear at their upcoming second anniversary concert(s).
 Could have used her as just two of the six really stood out in a good way. The next post has the best from the group at today's show and my heart hasn't stopped beating out of control since I viewed those pics. But what's up with a few of the other members? Above are the six who were at the TGC show and didn't even recognize Akane who is on the far right in the second pic. Yui-chans were also a bit of a disappointment, actually much more so with Yui. K.

 That's the only pic I found of W-Watanabe from the event, figured they may take a stroll together on the catwalk which didn't happen. But both had two solo turns and that may also have been because of the lack of Nogi members. Haven't had a solo Rika post for a while, been very few mag spreads recently but there have been a ton of other new pics so will work on one for my fave Keya member though her mate above has her sights aimed on toppling her. Rika though does have many other 'buddies' out there now and you've made it when you're paired with Airi!

 On the pics from today's show and Rika now represents two mags at these events. One is Larme and she's been an exclusive model for them since July. Ray is the other mag Rika is an exclusive model with and she's been with them since November. First set of pics are so oki doki, second stroll she took was okay but perhaps a less serious look would have helped. Videos of these events are never that good but do have one after the pics which may be replaced if a better one is found.