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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mirei Kiritani: Few recent happenings....

 Two pics from Mirei's last photobook which came out in December 2014, wonder if we'll ever see another one from her? Really hope so as she's truly looking better than ever these days plus that last PB was easily her best to date. Also this is post #99 for her, one more and she'll be joining a very a very exclusive club.
 Mirei has the lead in a new drama starting this week, more info on that after a pair of new mag spreads. She used to appear in so many mags but not nearly as many these days, first set of pics is from the January issue of More.

  Another January issue with this set being from 25ans.

 On January 31st Mirei and the rest of the cast were at a press conference for her next drama "Sumika Sumire". The series starts up this Friday, it'll be airing on TV Asahi at 11:15 pm and those later night dramas are usually better than prime time shows. In it Mirei plays a 65 year old woman who has never been married nor has even had a boyfriend. One morning she wakes up and is suddenly a woman in her 20's, appears as though she's getting a second chance to lead her life again.
 Seems like an okay plot, will be definitely watching the show so get ready for a few posts about the drama. Have some pics here from the press conference plus after them is a short promo video for the show, couldn't find one for today's event.

Saki Fukuda: "W no Higeki" drama episode seven screenshots

 Getting much harder to find things to post about Saki, do have one series to finish along with a movie but after those really need to do some searching. However today do have some of her most superb pics ever, looking at these makes you wonder why she's not a mega star.
 When this drama came out in 2012 was going to watch it but never got around to it, the plot looks but think it looked better than it turned out. Don't think Saki had a huge role in the series but this episode she did, it was just an eight episode drama and so far this is the only episode I've watched and will probably be the only one. It was an okay watch but nothing special that is except for you know who, actually was thinking of  watching the final show to see how it turned out.
 Saki in the series plays Kirara Tachibana, all I really know about her character is what I saw in this show. Kirara is an up and coming dancer at a night club who shows some potential but to date things haven't worked out so well for her. However an agent will be in the audience for her show that night, could be her last big chance to succeed. She may not get the chance though as a police detective Yumisaka has deduced she's the culprit of a murder that happened two months ago and is prepared to arrest her for it.
 There was no solid evidence but Kirara does admit to the killing of her ex-teacher Hidaka but she said it was in self defense. Hidaka had come on to her first at a club then later on in an abandoned area where he was about to rape her and had a knife at her throat. Kirara fought back though and in the struggle she fell on top of Hidaka with the knife which plunged through him. Perhaps she could have called for help but she ran away when she heard someone approaching, the death had gone unsolved until this day. Yumisaka seems to accept Kirara's story but still needs to bring her to the station but this is the night of her dancing in front of an agent. He has a soft spot and agrees to let Kirara dance that night and will arrest her after the show.
 And what a show Kirara put on, my jaw will probably never get back to it's original position. Your's may not either once you view the screenshots below, may not even need one finger to count how many females in the world look as alluring and breathtaking as Kirara did during her dance. Her spot in the show ended there so never did see her being brought to the police station, that's why I'm tempted to watch the final episode to see what happened to her.
 Really nothing more to add in about these screenshots, Saki certainly has the looks to start doing more sultry roles. Wish she would too as she looks better than fabulous to me and bet roles like that would revive her career, she's about to appear in another stage play but haven't heard any news of any upcoming dramas or films.