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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Park Min-Young: Her unbelated quintessential 'Happy 33rd Birthday' post!!!!

 Perhaps if I keep this post at the top for a day or two it'll garner enough views to make the top ten, that's an achievement which a Korean actress still hasn't attained. Unbelated as her birthday doesn't take place for about three days, bet the date for most viewers is March 1st and her special date falls on the fourth.
 Have quite a large variety of things for today, even if it wasn't Min-Young's birthday may have done this post as there's many new happenings for her. Should be a couple of more posts in March as she'll be in Taiwan again for another special fan club session plus "Her Private Life" drama will be starting on April 3rd. Wasn't interested in her 'Secretary Kim' drama which was her last show but the new one looks to be much more interesting and will be viewing it.
 Have such a backlog of dramas to view don't know if there will be time to recap it but have been asking myself lately do all 32+ episodes of a series need to be recapped? Very few other blogs or sites do that as most tend to give a quick review of the series or just recap the first few shows. May start doing that for a few dramas so I can get to a few more of them, need to think it over a bit. There's another reason for this early b-day post as she'll need a few days to open up all of Nao's presents!

 In her last post mentioned that Min-Young is knocking on my #1's door and she just may have broken it down, think she just may be my current number one. It'll be easy to see why once you view all of today's magnificent pics plus if you have time it'd be a good idea to check out some of previous posts, almost all have between 70-100 pics.
 Do need to watch more Min-Young dramas, have only seen three complete ones plus a bit of her 'Secretary Kim' series. However have seen "City Hunter" at least four times, it's in my top five for all time Korean dramas. Didn't recap that show as there's enough reviews of it out there already. But one that I really want to watch again is "Healer" which I enjoyed immensely. Would like to start on it again soon and may do some posts for it though won't be looking at every episode. Min-Young's hair was much shorter in that series, she still looked terrific but do prefer her tresses longer.

 Hmmmm, will let your imagination run wild for a few minutes(hours).....

 How about some older Min-Young pics and you can see how she's changed a bit over the years. She's always looked overly perfect to me since I first saw her but think even more so when she hit the age of thirty. Guess that means I'm aging too but not as well as she is, hard typing as my eyes can't stay off that GIF. These pics are from the Basic House 2012 Summer collection, she was a model for them up until 2015.

 But Min-Young is still a model for Compagna and probably will until she's fifty! Last post just had one preview pic for their 2019 Spring collection but many new pics have been released since then, so many am holding some back for her next post.

 Even more oldie pics and these are so old these could be classified as being ancient! This small set is from the December 2010 edition of Ceci.

 Now on to some newer things, this next spread isn't brand new but one that had been missed and is from the October 2018 issue of Marie Claire.

 This spread though is brand new and is from the March issue of Dazed.

 Back to last year, said in Min-Young's last post there were some things that were missed from 2018 and have some of them for today. She promotes just so many products, too many to count and these are promo pics for Ginza Tokyo's Shiseido line which came out last Summer.

 As fabulous as those above pics are this next set are absolutely perfect, do say that about so many of Min-Young's pics. On August 22nd she was at an event for Shiseido to promote their new products and some CM's she had done for them. The event took place at the K Modem Museum in Gangdam, Seoul and is it possible that these beyond flawless pics can be topped.....

.... and the answer to that could be.... YES!!!! This final set of pics are just too incredible to give any more superlatives to and they're from an event that took place on February 27th. On that date the queenly Min-Young was at a DPC launching event to promote a new product for the beauty company, last post had some new promo pics for them. There are some videos of the event but won't have one of them as instead have one of those CMs's for Shiseido which has close to 500,000 views. Only reason it doesn't have more as about eight of them were released in a two week stretch.