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Monday, October 29, 2012

Miori Takimoto: Perfect Blue drama episode 2 recap and screenshots

 Falling a bit behind on my drama watching and reviews, actually trying to let a few of them get a bit ahead so I can watch many episodes in a row, a few of them the storylines are ongoing so it's a bit easier to review them after watching a many episodes in a row. Perfect Blue though is a bit different, there's one minor, least so far, storyline but think most of the episodes deal with just one case.

 An okay episode this one was but thought the first episode was much better, sort of a weaker plot this time around, Miori as Kayoko did a good job though and seems as even if an episode isn't all that strong she sort of makes you want to watch the show. Episode 2 dealt with a pair of cases that ended up being closely linked to each other, one was a case of murder and the other had to deal with someone abusing and killing animals in a certain neighborhood. The prime suspect was a 14 year old, it was his father who was murdered and all thought he held a grudge against him as he had left the family a few years before after falling heavily into debt. Also he did appear to be less than a good person, he had no friends at school and didn't get along well with his mother, so besides the murder he was also considered to be a suspect in the animal abuse cases, all in all not a likable person but that everyone was completely wrong as even though some of his actions were not always good ones he turned out to be a fairly respectable young man who was innocent. If not him, then who was the person(s) responsible for those crimes. Well, to put it briefly there was a classmate of his who was his complete opposite, highly respected and an excellent student, one who most thought was going to have a bright future. Without giving away too many spoilers the plot was a bit too thin this show so if I say too much more you'll know everything before you hopefully watch this drama. But this show was a classic example of appearances can be deceiving, who we thought would have been the culprit ended up being innocent and for the most part an okay person while excellent student who had such a bright future wasn't all that he appeared to be, also his father was involved too in one of the crimes.

 Bit brief but that's how I like to read them too when checking out other sites, just like to give enough info about an episode and hopefully get your interest up a bit to check it out. Not as strong as the first episode but this was still a worthwhile watch, the previews for the next episode look really good, have it and will be reviewing it in a couple days, check out the next post for many screenshots of Miori from this episode.

Miori Takimoto: Perfect Blue drama episode 2 screenshots

 Episode 2 pics of Miori as Kayoko Hasumi, so far I've been impressed with her, think her drama Teppan will also be checked out then, not subbed but will give it a brief watch, it's an Asadora so it's 156 episodes, too many to watch even when subbed but heard Miori also did a good job in that show.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Masami Nagasawa: 2012 mag scans and IQueen promo video

 Posted a few of these earlier but not the entire spreads of either one, think I only posted 2 of the pics from Masami's Flash spread from Sept. 11 so here's the whole thing, she was promoting  IQueen vol. 11 which came out right around then.

 Missed one of these pics before from the July 22nd issue of Fujinkoron.

 This is one terrific video of Masami's promoting her IQueen vol. 11 issue.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aya Ueto: Barfout mag scans and Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away promo event pics

 Aya seems to be back in full swing and that's a good thing for us, first off here she is from the November issue of Barfout.

 And some prime looking pics of Aya here from last Friday when she was at a promo event for the new anime film Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away.

Saki Aibu: IQueen scans #1

 Finally obtained the entire spread for Saki's IQueen appearance, mighty fine looking one it is too, think Erika's may have been the best to date but Saki's is right up there too, check out the next post for the rest of the scans.