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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Keyakizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #10....

 Last Keya post had ten promo pics from the group's sixth single "Glass wo Ware", just six days until it's release date and here are ten more for your collection.

 Haven't listened to Keya for a while but am currently in the midst of a mini marathon. On the CD player now is the "Silent Majority" single which to me is their best. The hit song is solid but I prefer all of the other tunes on the single, tune playing now is "Noriokureta Bus" which is my second fave song from the group, "Wareta Smartphone" will probably always be my fave. That was a song featuring just five members but sadly those five don't have a song on the new single.
 May do another post tomorrow for mag spreads but they'll be for the Hiragana members, quite a few spreads today but think Hiragana has just as many. Will also be having some of those promo pics from the new single.

 There's a new subgroup on the new single called Kanji Keyaki and their tune "Bathroom Travel is very good, the PV is quite entertaining. The group features the trio of members Rika, Neru and Minami, hope they're not yawning from reading my posts....

 And what better way then to start off the spreads with one from the above trio. They even grace the cover for this first spread which is from the April edition of Entame.

 More Neru as she teams up with Captain Yuuka in the April issue of Smart.

 Hope you're not getting tired of Neru, who could!? Her first photobook will pass 160,000 copies sold this week which has to one of the best selling Idol books of all time. Neru has the only solo spread for this post which is from the March 15th Weekly Shonen.

 As the title says this is Keya's tenth post this year for mag spreads. In them there's been a total of forty or so sets but I've noticed not one of them have featured Akane!!!! What's up with that is what I'm thinking, to me she's the most sultry member of Keya and is also quite a cook!

 Of the forty mag spreads to me Yui K. has appeared in more of them than any other member, she looks really good these days but wonder why she's been in the most? She teams up in this set from the April issue of Bubka with Risa who is the member I want to see have a PB more than any other gal and will be having a solo post for her soon.

 Last spread today could be the best of the bunch which is from the April edition of BLT. This time it's the other Yui in the set and she shares it with Minami who was on two of today's covers, her kawaiiness is certainly off the charts.... more than ever I mean....