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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Miyuki Watanabe: "Miyuki Desu" photobook scans

 Final post for July and am leaving with probably the best one of the year. Doesn't that bottom pic remind you so much of Erika from Nogi? It does to me and would fit in well with her "Intermission" photobook, as fabulous as that one was it comes nowhere near to how perfect this PB is which has already zoomed to become my second fave photobook of all time. Bet it has a chance of taking the top spot but my current #1 is also such a stupendous PB which is tough to top. Bit of a late start but I'm thinking this may be the most viewed post for the second half of the year which for my stats started on June 1st.

 Have often mentioned over the past four or so years how to me Miyuki is the most alluring, seductive, sexiest and hottest Idol of all time. On occasion a few have inched closer to her including an ex-NMB mate but with this set of pics there's no way any Idol will ever catch Miyuki. Funny then how she's not my #1 hottest woman of all time but she just may take over that spot, currently it's the gal who also has my number one PB. Also funny is how Miyuki didn't make my 'All Time Top Twenty Faves' list done in 2018. But looking back on it that was during a stretch where she did virtually nothing for such a long time, when a new list is done she'll easily be in the top ten.

 Not going to go into much detail about Miyuki's current activities today as I expect there to be another post for her in two weeks. She's the cover girl of a current mag plus there's new pics from the Peach John site so will all of her happenings in that post. Plus there may be another one on September 19th as Miyuki will be turning 27 on that date. That would be her fifth post of 2020 and what a shock that would be if she could qualify for this year's fave's list. Title of this book is a simple one which just means 'I'm Miyuki'.

 This photobook was released last August and did fairly well sales wise. It's first week it topped the charts selling 9,300 copies and bet the total to date is approaching 20,000 which is an impressive figure for an ex-Idol though she still does have a singing career. To me this is what a photobook should be like, most have the same format but there's something that makes this PB so much better. As you can see Miyuki traveled to Italy for the photo shoot, Milan to be exact, so many times pics in that vein are lame but these aren't. Plus of course there's many, many gravure pics and don't know if I've ever seen any better. The book ends off with some 'style pics' as Miyuki is also quite into fashion and has been a model for two sites. On to the pics which total 116, running out of superlatives to describe them....