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Friday, June 30, 2017

Masami Nagasawa: Some (too few) recent happenings....

 'Too few' is sadly right as this is Masami's first post in over two months, since her "Cabaret" play ended in March she's been on an extended holiday. So few happenings that I didn't even do a post for Masami's birthday which took place on June 3rd, she's finally hit the old age of thirty! Hopefully with a new film coming out in two weeks we'll be hearing a bit more from her.
 No dramas are scheduled for this year but Masami has the lead role in a film coming out in September titled "Sanpo Suru Shinryakusha". English title for it is 'Before We Vanish', it had it's premiere at this year's Cannes film festival but Masami wasn't in attendance.
 That's such a shame as no woman in the world can top how she looks at events though the one for today at the bottom she's dressed ultra conservatively. These are some truly A+ Masami pics from an interview she did last month for Oricon.

 Pics for today look so stupendous but unfortunately there's so few of them, these are new promo ones that came out earlier this month at the Coffret D'or site.

 Masami's next movie is coming out on July 14th and is titled "Gintama", she plays the role of Tae in the film. The movie has such a huge cast but think Masami's role is fairly big. On June 28th there was a screening for the film at Tokyo Dome City Hall, as you can see in the bottom pic the cast is just so big. Dressed a bit more conservative than we would like though she still looks unbeatable to me, here's some pics from the event along with a video of it, she shows up at the 2:38 mark.

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #24....

 The group was at an event Wednesday for a new series of CM's they have for Jalen. That date was June 28th and surprised there wasn't also an event for their new DVD collection that was for Nogi's three fourth anniversary concerts which took place last August 28th to the 30th. Speaking of concerts the group will be having two of them this Saturday and Sunday at the Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo, would think at the second one they'd be revealing some details for their 18th single which will be released on August 9th.

 The group's third album 'Umaretekara' continues to sell well. It's been out for five weeks now and has only been out of Oricon's daily charts top ten for only one day as sales are close to 400,000 copies sold. For months now have been keeping everyone updated on the sales of the member's 2017 photobooks but that's going to come to an end.
 Every week at least four books had been in the top ten, this past week only Mai's made it. Even the sales for her second PB have really slowed down, it ranked seventh on the charts but only sold 1,087 copies but with total sales over 208,000 it may be the best selling Idol book of all time. If you need a calendar for July and August can't think of many better gals to keep track of the dates with.

 Not many new things though they do add up to be quite a few pics. Only one new small mag spread with five pics which is from the August edition of With. Least the pics look ultra superb and don't think we've seen Kazumi and Misa share a spread often enough in the past.

 Plenty of fine looking cards for June and July. The fivesome in order are Erika, Mai, Miona, Nanase and Rina.

 Nanase has an incredible amount of pics at the Non-no Instagram site, probably has a couple hundred for this year already. Have been slowly posting many for this year and will eventually get to all of them.

 As mentioned at the top Nogi has many new CM's that have come out for Jalen which is a Japanese travel agency. Posted two of the videos a few days ago and here's another new one.