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Monday, August 31, 2020

Miru Shiroma: As usual a bit of an overdue post....

 Did say yesterday would be taking a pair of days off unless something popped up. Well nothing really did and was planning on writing up those posts for the Nogi horror film I just viewed. But then began thinking about Miru, which is hard not to do, and thought I'd try working on a post for her so this is probably the best example of a 'spur of the moment post' I've ever done. However have had some of these pics for a few weeks and was debating on whether to have them in a NMB group post or one such as today's?
 Well the second option was of course the choice and sure many viewers are pleased with that as Miru is one of the most popular gals I post about. This is her 24th post in about four years or six a year, bet if that total was ten posts a year she'd be the #1 most popular fave to you viewers by a wide margin. Perhaps she already is but hard to notice when her posts are spaced out but am hoping this will be the first of three in a two month stretch. It's kind of odd or maybe it's not so but have noticed Miru tends to be much busier in the second half of a year, 2019 was a slight exception due to her PB.

 It's not just among Idols but to me Miru has to be one of the top ten hottest women ever and have a feeling that's something many of you agree with. Did just mention last week there would be an upcoming NMB group post and there will be very soon. On August 18th their latest single "Datte Datte Datte" was released and they've rebounded nicely the last few years. Thought their tunes from 2105-17 weren't as good as their previous ones but the last five singles have all been quite good. The single sold almost 200,000 copies yet was only #2 on the charts. But at least their sales have been moving back up and that's something you can't say about the other '48' groups.

 Miru's last post was in May, did say 'overdue post' in the title but if there were ever many things to post about her there would never be a long gap between them. This is her fourth post of the year so with two more she would be eligible for this year's faves list. Last year had Miru in the 21st position so she just missed the cut and that may have been my only mistake on the list as if I had to do it over again would place her about 18th.
 Have around fifty brand new pics for today and could have worked on having more but would like to save some for more posts. This year Miru's post for her "Love Rush" photobook will be the most viewed post of 2020 and there's really no other one remotely close. It's got close to 4,000 views since it was done in March and wondering if that post will set a record for most views in a year? Sure no fans have missed viewing that post but if you are among the small handful who have here's the link to that sweltering PB: Love Rush

EDIT: There may be a way to do a mini list of the most viewed posts of all time. Gong back to 2014 or so would be impossible to figure out their first year views bit it's very possible for posts the past three years. Those 'Nao lists' come in handy at a time like this as there's been four posts for most viewed posts for a half or full year. Not an essential project but I enjoy doing those kinds of things so will be working on that this week.

 Miru has increased her regular modeling work this past year and have noticed she doesn't do as many gravure spreads as she once did but still enough to keep us satisfied. These pics here are from the 'Pivot Door' site and for their Summer collection.

 On August 25th Miru threw out the first pitch at the Hanshin Tigers game. They're located in Nishinomiya which isn't too far from Osaka and that's her hometown. She also said it was her first time ever throwing out a first pitch at a ballgame.

 Don't have her spread yet for the August issue of Bomb but hopefully for the next post. But there are many hotter than hot pics at their site from the photo shoot which are too perfect to describe....

 Forgot to mention that Miru's 23rd birthday is coming up on October 14th, luckily no graduation rumors have ever been mentioned but sometimes news like that comes out of nowhere. Final batch of pics are such an incredible set which are from the new issue of WPB dated for September 14th, bottom three are from the photo shoot. On the new single Miru has her own solo song titled "Ikenai Koto", there's a video of it which you can view after the pics.