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Also these days(mid-2017) have many posts for Korean actresses, dramas and films that are worth checking out as over the years have become a much bigger fan of Korean dramas versus the ones from Japan.

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Friday, May 31, 2019

Nanase Nishino: The mini 'A little bit of this and that' post....

 'Mini' post but the last one was done only twelve days ago so of course that means there wouldn't be many new pics. But have said many times would try to make posts smaller in order to have more of them, instead of having fifty or more new pics for a post thought what's wrong with having them half that size? There's nothing wrong with that and bet most viewers feel the same way as if I did wait until there were fifty new pics there wouldn't have been a post until mid June or later.
 Nanase is still busy but as I've mentioned there's no new things from Nogi such as cards, mag spreads and such to post about but she has had four of them in less than three months. Think June 20th is the date a DVD of her final Nogi performance will be coming out, hopefully there will be an event and some mag spreads for the occasion. However we may need to go out and buy her a new wardrobe first, for some reason my closet is jam packed with her attire, heh heh heh heh heh....

 What's that saying about an ace up the sleeve! Thought there were only about 25 or so new pics but actually there's more than that but no events lately for Nanase outside of the 'Girls Awards' show that took place on May 18th, already did a post for it. But as all huge fans know birthday #25 took place six days ago and she had many friends besides Nao(?) to celebrate with.

 That middle pic is with Nanase's old Nogi buddies as she was a guest on 'Showroom' two weeks ago, if there's no other new video will post it at the bottom.

 Non-no published Nanase's third photobook which came out a year ago, wonder if that'll be her final one and tens of thousands of fans are hoping it won't be. She's still an exclusive model for them, here are some new pics from their site and how many thousands of NN pics have I posted.

 Have one small mag spread from BLT to post but first these are four pics from their site, they're from a mini interview for the new DVD and other current activities.

 Will end off with the small yet superb spread which is from the July issue of BLT. 'Showroom' videos usually get deleted for some reason after a few weeks so won't post Nanase's appearance quite yet but do have a terrific new promo video at the bottom from Non-no.

Asuka Kishi: Her first ever post.... Sabra-Net scans from August 2018 part one....

Her first ever post but wouldn't consider Asuka to be a newbie. Have known about her for at least three years and was planning on doing some posts for her at the beginning of 2017. But Asuka went on a very long break, so long I thought she may have retired but it was just an extended holiday but it took her a while to come back working full time. That's why there were no posts done back then, figured if she was gone forever why bother talking about her. But since mid 2018 she's back to working full time and even put out a DVD last month, was a bit tardy getting to her but as they say better late than never.

 Asuka is mainly known for her gravure work and there's no doubt she's one dazzling woman. But what else attracted me to her is that she does much more than just gravure pics as she's been in many dramas though no starring roles and does appear on quite a few variety shows. She also sang the theme song to one of the dramas. This is the second person who shares the exact same birthday as someone else, she was born on April 11, 1991 which is the same date as a mega fave of mine.
 Will let you figure that other person out but a huge hint is that she finished 7th(!) on my all time faves list. As the title says this is part one so will have the second half coming up Sunday. Plus with the new Asuka DVD there are some new mag spreads, will start on her new activities next week and will go back with her mag spreads until 2016. These Sabra-Net pictorials are always super duper and large, today's is no exception as there's a total of 88 pics to enjoy.