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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Riko Matsudaira: Her sizzling 'Shukan Post' digital book plus two magazine spreads!


 First post for Riko in exactly fourteen months, this post could have been done over a year ago but besides that she has been quiet but will be having another post for her very soon. The posts have been so super duper lately but have only been doing one a day and wanted to have more than that. So scoured through my massive pictures folder in hopes in finding some things that had been forgotten about. Not much was found but this book from May 2023 was and am wondering why it wasn't posted as I had done one for Riko the week before this came out.

 Those four above are from the digital book and know viewers are pleased with me finding this book, there's 61 others besides those four. Viewers will be pleased for by far Riko is the most popular Keya member I have ever posted about which is a bit of a shock. As mentioned her last post was in May 2023, for the preceding eleven months Riko had five posts in this vein. Which as of today have an average of over 1,600 views per post and not many can top that number! Never knew she was that popular here so in the future will make sure Riko's at the top of the list for you viewers! Lets get to the pics and have two magazine spreads with this first being from the May 26, 2023 issue of Friday though it wasn't promoting a book.

 That had some decent pics so thought her massive fan base would want to view it again. This second Riko spread is promoting today's 'Lost Treasure' and is from the May 19, 2023 issue of Shukan Post. Riko is a very thin woman but I think she looks mighty fine and know you viewers think that way! May have said it before which is that Riko kind of reminds me of Yua Shinkawa as both have the same thin yet alluring figure, so that's a nice compliment being compared to her.

 On to the Shukan Post digital book that was released on May 9, 2023 and has 65 photos. Back on May 5th Riko hit the age of 26 and last month had her first digital book since this one so will be having that soon. Plus one other post as Riko did have a regular photobook come out last July and that will be another thing for her many fans to look forward to.