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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Nogizaka46: 2019 Magazine scans #11 and more....

 There's always more posts for Nogi than anyone else but lately seems their posts have beat the combined total of everyone else. And it just might get worse(better?) with the group's 23rd single coming out in exactly four weeks but have a feeling no fans will complain..
 But with all of these posts for mag spreads it's been odd that we haven't seen Erika in one of them. But then again it's probably her decision not to appear in any as she's been concentrating on other things such as acting. Her second photobook fell out of the top ten last week for sales but it's still been a massive success selling 268,000 copies to date which is the second highest total for any Idol PB. The top pic isn't from the book which features so many breathtaking pics but for some strange reason that's always been my #1 pic of her and still is.... but then again..... gulp.....

 No new spreads for Erika but let's start off with a few pics of her. On April 26th she was at the 44th 'Kazuo Kikuta Drama Awards' ceremony where she won not one but two awards for her acting. The awards were from her two musicals "Mozart" and "Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812", still think she's at the point where Nogi needs her more than she needs them.

 "Sing Out" is the title of Nogi's 23rd single which will be released on May 29th. Once again Asuka will be the center of a single and the covers for it just came out yesterday.

 Album number four "Ima ga Omoide ni Naru Made" has set a group record for sales as week one's tally was 446,600 copies sold. When I started following Nogi back in 2013 their singles were selling around 400,000 copies and they had no albums by that point. But these days it's just so incredible the amount they sell and who would have thought that years ago? Been having a few insert pics from 'Ima' in these posts, have five more members for today and their names on on the pics.

 Lately Yuki has been appearing in more mags than any other member. She's okay but wish we saw a few other gals such as the one right above. First spread for today features her and is from the May 8th issue of Weekly Shonen.

 Even more Yuki and this set is from the June edition of Entame.

 Minami is the member I want to see more of and we do in this final spread. Not a solo one as a trio of members join her but at least one is Miona who teachers her the fine art of strumming. The four gals also graced the cover of the May 12th issue of Young Magazine. Lot of videos at their YT site but none for this photo shoot.