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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Rika Izumi: (too) Few recent happenings....


 Semi big post but not too much variety but wanted to do one to let everyone know what was going on. Of course you've noticed a huge decrease in posts and was really planning on not doing any until next Monday. Couple reasons for that with of course the biggest one being how slow things are recently for my bigger faves but will have a nice treat for all you faithful viewers in a few days. Just because there's been no published posts doesn't mean I haven't been working on any. You could almost say that the amount you see in a week you'll be seeing in one day!

 So at 12:01 am this Sunday/Monday will be publishing those posts as of now only a handful are done, one major thing I'm waiting for is this Sunday's 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show. Hope it's not a bust as four posts are waiting for hopefully some terrific pics from it. As of now have four drama recaps written up plus one tremendous photobook post that I could do before Monday. Also have the makings of four posts for some Nogi/Keya members and possibly a fifth, perhaps there will be a few others that can have one coming up in a few days too. So will do a a pair of batches next Monday once they're all complete, am expecting there to be at least a dozen posts between them and maybe more.

 As far as big faves go there's really none huger than Rika the last four years. On the yearly faves list in a row she's finished third, fourth, sixth and fifth and she certainly has some staying power. Was thinking of doing my second 'All Time Top Twenty Faves' list in the Spring of 2022, that would be 3 1/2 years after the first one was done and you can't do those too often. Talk about others being my #1 of all time but don't mention Rika's name enough but she has just as good of a chance at being number one as anyone else. Perhaps not #1 at this point but definitely in the top five, she'd also easily place in the top five for my all time hottest women, she's 32 in age and gets more sultry by the day....

 Not so many gravure pics from Rika these days but that's okay with me as in a way she looks just as alluring dressed in her classy and elegant modeling pics. Kind of a slow stretch for her this year so far but hasn't that been the case for so many of the gals I enjoy posting about? Rika is in a drama currently airing titled "Gekikaradou" which is her first one in almost a year. The pics I've always savored of Rika is when she attends events but there's a semi ban on most in Japan these days and she hasn't been at one in about three months. She's not much of an IG poster but do have some recent pics.

 What's really been lacking the past few months are Rika mag spreads. So far this year there's just been one and it's from the March issue of Maquia.

 But these days Rika's bread and butter is definitely modeling for sites, have quite a few pics for today but there's even been a slight decrease with her modeling. Bet with the current situation many clothing sites are waiting for it to blow over and then release their new collections. Have over fifty new pics for today from three sites and could have had more, not sure how many fans like these pics but to me they're all perfect which describes Rika! First batch of new modeling pics are from Apuweiser.

 Last April Rika released her second photobook, unfortunately it was when the crisis hit so the PB didn't sell anywhere close to what her first one did which was such a huge seller. This set here is for the Snidel Spring collection, there's a promo video for it but it's only at their site.

 This is my fave batch of new modeling pics which are for the Stola Spring collection. Following the pics have a new promo video for Biteki and Rika will be the cover girl for their next issue.