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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nogizaka46: More from the June Entame and new blog pics....

 Know Misa's book will top the Oricon charts when they announce last week's numbers on Thursday, be nice if it could top 50,000 in sales. Of course no member will come close to Mai's sales for her "Passport" PB which sold over 103,000 in it's first week. But think Asuka's book sold about 58,000 in it's first week so coming close to that number would be impressive.
 What's also impressive is that single #17 "Influencer" continues to sell well. In it's fifth week out it was #8 on the charts selling 10,236 copies and the total is now close to 963,000. The group has never had an official million seller but they should hit that mark in a few more weeks.
 Last post had 35 pics from the June edition of Entame but there were even more than that. The new third generation members have really been appearing in so many mags recently and four of them grace the cover with the four being Mizuki, Momoko, Shiori and Yuuki.

 Think this should be the last set of pics from the Entame mag. Just two solo pages of Miona but she's also joined by Hinako and more third generation members with the bottom pics being from the photo shoot.

 Himeka took a leave of absence from January until March because of health reasons. Before she left she was one of the group's best at keeping her blog updated and she's picked up right where she left off. Also with eight pics is Chiharu who to me is #1 at keeping their blog updated, also no member's looks have improved as much as hers over the last year.

 Miria is also another member who does a superb job with her blog entries, she has slowed down a bit recently but think that's because the Undergirls have been doing some concerts lately. Following her pics is her Undergirl mate Ayane, she's by far the shyest Nogi member but she did start to open up a bit more towards the end of season seven of 'NOGIBINGO!'.

Erika Toda: "Blade of the Immortal" movie premiere pics

 Admit I've been too lazy as of late with the drama recaps, do promise to start on Erika's "Reverse" series very soon as the third episode aired Friday. First show received a rating of 10.3% which is a good number for Friday nights, for some reason the second show dropped all the way down to 6.3% and have no clue why that happened.
 Erika will be in two dramas this year as the third season of 'Code Blue' begins in July but this appears to be her only film. She did a few recent interviews for the film, top five pics are from the Woman Type website while the others are from Top Site.

 As you can tell both interviews were done on the same day by the way she was dressed. Don't think she has the lead female role in the "Blade of the Immortal" movie though it's a good sized one. Star of the film is Takuya Kimura, one of Erika's first drama roles was with him in "Engine" which was a fairly good show.
 The premiere took place April 29th at the Marunouchi Piccadilly Theater in Tokyo. Still wish Erika could gain a few pounds but she has been looking rather stupendous as of late and these pics surely back that up. Bit shocked there's no good video of the event on YT as it happened over a day ago. If one does come out in the next few days will have it in her next post so instead after these A++++ pics you can view the film's trailer.