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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Haruka Kaki: Who better to end a month off with?!!!!


 There are a few who may be better but these days can only think of a small handful! Hoped to end off June with a pair of posts but don't think it will be possible though will work on one after this though don't have much confidence another can be finished. Every now and again there's this 'New Wave' of gravure models and J-Pop Idols who come along, we're in one of those phases right now. None of these newbies to me are anything special plus the majority are way too young. As mentioned a few days ago would rather not introduce anyone new for a while and I post about enough women so if the bigger faves of mine all kick back and take it easy at the same time there's not much I can do about. But on the other hand it means there should be a lot of things coming up and for now just have to grin and bear it.

 This marks Haruka's sixth post since December 1st so she's qualified for the yearly faves list, at least one Nogi member has for all nine years there's been a list. But she'll be the only one with six posts this year though a graduate will also be eligible though was hoping for more than one. Haruka is the kind of woman who often does well on those yearly list and I'd be overjoyed if she could be #1 for a year! But it will probably never happen, wish she would appear at those huge fashion shows like other Hina, Keya or Nogi members do but has only been at one way back in 2019. Plus I would like to see her do some acting but has only had one minor role to date. So as much as I adore Haruka bet she'll just finish around the eighth position on the list, perhaps a tad higher and as odd as this may sound bet I would like her even more if she was with Hina or Keya.

 When I finished recapping the "Borderless" on May 24th said I had plans on doing some posts for Seira who was in that series and someone I had been intrigued about for a while. Then that whole scandal started which was actually a good thing for the Nogi members and shortly after that she announced her graduation so thought there goes doing any posts for her. However there's been some fabulous news this past week which is that Seira will have a grad concert and also in August her first photobook! So will do a few posts for as she is leaving on a positive note, too late to have a post for today but will have one within a week and hopefully on Sunday.

 That duo above look really terrific together and wonder if it's possible to do a 'Pairs Post' for them? No idea but let me work on that and there are other gals who Haruka looks terrific with though neither need each other to make the photos look perfect!!!!

 Just did a post for Haruka 2 1/2 weeks ago so of course there isn't a huge amount of new things. But did work hard on this post and there is a nice variety of things for today plus there is a high amount of pics you've never seen before. Few weeks back did a list on what the most popular posts have been since January 2020, then said I would have a list on what the most viewed posts have been so far for the 'Nao Year' that began on December 1st. Well, forgot all about that list until today so let me work on that and have it for this weekend. By far the most viewed post has been for her "Massara" photobook, if you're one of the few who hasn't seen it here's the link to that post: "Massara" photobook

 Will try to have a post next month for Haruka but it's okay if it doesn't happen. So if it doesn't it means her August 8th post may be fairly large and don't mind waiting until then as that's when she'll be celebrating her 22nd birthday.

 We don't see nearly as many pics these days from the 'Nogi Fes' card series which is a shame as those are my favorite kind of cards. Do have some here which had never been posted, the middle eight are from this year while the others are from 2022.

 Have a pair of new magazine spreads, one will end the post and this first one is from the August edition of More.

 Haruka is now a model for the More magazine and hope that means she can attend those bigger fashion shows as many take place in the Autumn. Have some new pics from their site, few were in the above spread but are 'clean versions' of them and I really think that bottom pic is so oki-doki....

 Haruka was the cover girl for volume 010 of the special BLT photobook series "White Graph" which could also be considered a very large magazine. But in it's first week out it did top the photobook charts selling over 14,000 though thought sales would have been higher. Here's some promo pics that were also in her last post.

 Have a few pics here from the actual book/spread and will have the entire set coming up soon, always wait a while to post a '46' member's book.

 Am really glad that I began to post about Haruka, what a likable young woman she is and though there may be more bodacious Idols to me she's more attractive than 99% of them. Final thing for today is this spread which is promoting the above book and she's the cover girl for the July 7th issue of Friday. There is a recent video from a TV appearance I wanted to post but the quality on it is shoddy and that's putting it mildly! So after the pics have Haruka's individual PV from Nogi's 27th single "Fingers Crossed" and that is one fun video.