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Friday, June 29, 2012

Manami Higa: Code Blue season one screenshots #1

 Have already reviewed this really fine series before, they'd be under Erika's Code Blue posts but here we're gonna take a quick look at Manami's character, Nurse Haruka Saejima. Really liked the role she played, bit of an unknown she was to the other hospital staff and even to us viewers, a bit came out about how she failed to get into medical school and took up nursing instead which led her to be estranged from her family which were all doctors. Though she failed to get into medical school she knew so, so much more than some of the doctors as you can tell by some of the screenshots, also she wouldn't take anything from anyone, she would stand up to all including the patients. Will also be doing a rewatch of season 2 which was a much better show and much better for Manami's character too, here's some shots of this ultra beautiful woman, also check out the next post for many more shots of her, these are for episodes 1-5.

Manami Higa: Code Blue season one screenshots #2

 More of Manami as Haruka Saejima from the Code Blue aka Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyumei, these are from episodes 7-11. Will also be doing another rewatch of the second season, thought it was much better and also better was Manami in that season, more of her outside life was revealed, especially anout her boyfriend, the first and bottom shots here are of her talking to him, he's in a wheelchair for trying to kill himself, will explain more in the posts for season 2, meanwhile enjoy many pics of the most beautiful nurse ever!