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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Erika Toda: Kagi no Kakatta Heya episode 2 screenshots

 Like Masami's new drama said I was going to wait until the drama was finished but thought what the heck, may as well keep everyone updated on the these new series and Erika's is no different. Another episode another closed room death to solve, was this a murder? Accident? Suicide? Most parties involved thought it was the last option but thanks to the trio of sleuths the real answer was discovered, though Junko(Erika) and Gou(Sato) are in the middle of things it's really Enomoto(Satoshi) who solves the mysteries. So far it's been a good watch but a bit confusing at times, they really go into depth in solving the crimes, bit like Liar Game did with an overabundance of info, also Erika's character is slightly like Nao, still been a solid watch and it's only been 2 episodes so who knows what direction the series will take. Some screenshots of Erika here from the latest episode, click on the pics to make them bigger plus episode one pics you can check out by clicking on one of the labels.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Erika Toda: SPEC movie celebration

 Was just thinking a few seconds ago that I don't think a post for the SPEC TV movie has been posted, will double check that because it was a good watch, will have mega amounts of pics and such coming up for it then. Meanwhile the cinematic SPEC movie was released on April 7th and has done quite well at the box office, first three weeks it's been in the positions 1,3 and 4. To celebrate the movie drawing over 1.1 million people and is probably much higher now there was an event held last Tuesday to celebrate the fact, here's some pics of Erika and Ryo from it, Erika just looks more amazing than ever!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Masami Nagasawa Bunshin drama review & ep. 1 screenshots

 Just a quickie breakdown of this series, it being only 5 episodes be too easy to give away too much of it so jusy going to give the basic storyline in hoping you'll want to give it a watch yourself. Masami plays 2 characters in the show, 'twin sisters' yet who were born a year apart, the sisters are.....
The story’s main character Mariko is a woman studying child welfare in Hokkaido. She grew up always doubtful about the love from her mother, who looked nothing like her and who passed away 9 nine years ago. One day, she finds some of her mother’s belongings at a relative’s house, and she heads to Tokyo to seek out the truth behind her birth.

 Meanwhile Futuba is a college student living in Tokyo who is focused more on her pop band than her studies. Her band one day appears on television which is seen by Mariko and a few of the other principles in the story for she had been forgotten by all of them, actually it's more of they didn't know about her, she was an 'experiment' that they thought had gone wrong but hadn't, Futuba's TV appearance is what got the story rolling for Mariko never knew she had a 'sister'.

 Seems as though Mariko and Futuba were part of an experiment 20 years ago by a group of scientists that included Mariko's father, Kiyoshi Ujiie, the experiments were in-fertilizations, while the group thought the preocess was aborted Mariko's father went ahead secretly with it and thus the 'twin sisters' were born though a year apart.  Kiyoshi had kept it a secret from Mariko about her sister and the fact that both were 'cloned' but the sisters eventually found out about each other and went looking for each other to find out the secrets of their exsistance. However others involved in the experiments also learned of the sisters and that the experiments hadn't been aborted, they too went searching for them to find out how to clone them, one was a prominent senator who wanted a son who he couldn't have.

 It takes a while, really the beginning of the fifth episode until the sisters finally meet each other, through their efforts and two of the close friends they finally learn how they came about to being born. While it may sound simple it really isn't that but just tried to give a quickie overview of what to expect from this drama without too many spoilers, as I mentioned it's only 5 episodes so the pace is quite fast and no downtime at all, it really turned out to be one interesting series though a few more episodes would have helped a bit but still worked out fine in the limited time it had.

 Nice to see Masami back in a drama, this was her first since Gold back in mid-2010 and she did a superb job in playing the two sisters plus in the final episode she also played their mother, who really wasn't the mother but the female who the scientists had used in the experiments. Solid job too by the rest of the cast, this was a really interesting but too short series, one that's recommended for any Masami fans or just those that enjoy Japanese dramas, also check the next 2 posts for a huge amount of Masami sceenshots from the show.

Year: 2012, Feb. 12th to March 11th, aired on WOWOW TV Sundays at 11:00 pm.


Masami Nagasawa as Mariko Ujiie
Masami Nagasawa as Futuba Kobayashi
Shiro Sano as Kiyoshi Ujiie
Ryo Katsugi as Yusuke Takizawa
Asami Usada as Megumi Shimojo
Sawa Susuki as Shizue Ujiie
Satomi Tezuka as Shiho Kobayashi

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Masami Nagasawa Bunshin screenshots episodes 2-3

Episode 2 and 3 screenshots here, Mariko Ujiie is the dark haired chaaracter played by Masami while the reddish haired Masami is Futuba Kobayashi, these episodes are when the two 'sisters' finally start to learn of the others existence but still haven't met each other yet.