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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Miru Shiroma: Hopefully a few can never get tired of her....


 Know I'm one of the few but hope the number is quite higher than that. Usually take either the first or last day of a month of, think this time around it'll be the last day which means tomorrow. Did just mention I need a min break and hopefully there will be plenty of things for Thursday as it has been a slow month for activities but some gals have picked up the slack. Miru may be number one for making this(every) month bearable as for the first time she's had four posts in a month plus there was one in May. Not many faves have ever had four in one month and she is going out on a bang as the new date for her graduation concert is seven weeks from now.

 Long time viewers probably know how huge of a fave Miru is with me but it's never been to the extent it is these days. There's probably 3-4 faves who I take for granted as I always expect fabulous things from them and it means they often don't finish high enough on any of my lists. That's been the case the past two years for her on the top twenty list and for the first time ever can see Miru finishing in the top ten, in 2020 she was 15th. So this being her fourth post in a little over three weeks means there aren't that many activities to get to that haven't been discussed already. But since that last post a week ago have a sparkling new mag spread plus abut twenty other new pics, also have a few oldies that many newer fans have never seen. 

 When you take a day off it means the last post is the first one you see for two days and couldn't think of any gal who I'd rather have on top than Miru! Er, um, guess you could take that two ways! So the new graduation concert will be held on August 15th, the previous one on May 30th had to be postponed. Miru's first activity as an ex-NMB member will be appearing at the September 5th 'Kansai Collection' show, another NMB grad will be there too.

 She also took three strolls on the catwalk for their Spring show held on March 7th. Those Kansai events have never been as large as the 'Tokyo Girls Collection' shows but seeing as now they'll only have two this year perhaps this will be a major one with many other faves.

 Usually the women have to be a model for a company or magazine to be in those shows but these days Miru isn't with anyone. What we would all love to see is her become a Peach John lingerie model and I'm kind of confident that it will happen in the future. She used to be a model for Pivot Door and also MIIA, some truly terrific pics from their site.

 So would expect her to do modeling after graduation plus Miru says she also wants to continue singing. She also has plans on acting which every Idol says but to date the only thing I've seen her in is the 'Cabasuka Gakuen' drama that aired in 2016. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't that been the last Gakuen drama? Those were fun series and I thought that was one of their best. In the show she played the role of Shirogiku who was a snotty hostess of a rival club.

 In Miru's last post she had a mini tribute section in the WPB magazine that was seventeen pages, have some outtake pics from the photo shoot and these days who would make for a more alluring bride?

 This past month Miru has done close to ten interviews talking about her graduation along with NMB's current single which was only #2 on the charts in it's first week out. She's often dressed differently at them and these fine pics are from a new Walker Plus interview. Here's the link to the site, her interviews are always interesting and informative unlike most Idols: Walker Plus site

 Miru's second photobook "REBORN" will be coming out next week, going to be tough to top her first book. There's been plenty of stupendous mag spreads this past month with outtake pics from it. However this new spread doesn't have any of those pics but once again it's hard to top a set from her and she's the cover girl for the July 13th issue of Flash.

 Bottom pic was from the photo shoot. We've hit the end and will be having an older spread from the December 8, 2017 issue of Young Animal. Older posts do get a huge amount of views but bet many have forgotten things like this which were posted so long ago but also if you're a newish fan odds are you've never seen some of Miru's hotter than hot older spreads. She'll be in the August issue of Bubka, have a short promo video from the mag for her July 2020 spread that hadn't been posted before and that's after the pics.