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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Mio Minato: Who better to end a month off with?!


 There aren't too many others who would have made for a better final post of February, in all honesty doubt these days there's five faves that can top her!!!! Did say in a post yesterday that this one would be including a digital book but then had been thinking there's been so many of those these last 7-10 days. So will wait another week or two before posting that book, will give time for viewers to make sure their health insurance is updated for the book is very heart attack inducing!!!! Will also try to have a group post for BababaBambi this weekend, some pics from this and yesterday's post would have been in it but there still should be a decent amount of new things. So while there will be no new digital book for today do have fifty or so brand new pics which have made my blood come to it's boiling point....

 Have done enough gushing about Mio 😍 in past posts, she's one of those extreme rare woman who I fell for head over heels within two seconds of seeing her for the first time. That was in late 2019 and how I wish she could have had so many more posts but least all have been beyond perfect. This is her third solo post so far this year, if Mio could maintain that pace she would stand an excellent chance of being #1 on this year's faves list as that's how crazy I am about her. In a little over three months from today Mio will be hitting the age of 27 which of course isn't old and I think she looks better with each passing day. She's in a group of about a dozen women I post about who are in that 27-32 years old range and I did begin to wonder a few days ago how long will they continue to be gravure models, celebs and/or J-Pop Idols? Naturally I hope it's for a while but who knows and it doesn't do any good thinking about that but those dozen are among the current women I like the most.

 Gulp, if Mio ever decided to become a full time gravure model she'd be right there in being my #1 of all time, gulp again! Will begin off with some older pics which I had bene hanging on to for too long and they're from a 2023 Hominis interview. Mio usually gives good interviews and the pics were top notch, here's the link to it: Hominis site

 Mio does post many pics at her IG page and the group site, these are all from the past two weeks. Sure all Nogi fans recognize who is in the top two photos and where has she disappeared to? Guess on the 16th the pair were out having tea and wonder how they ever met? There's a few other pics with her group mates and one other gravure model who needs no introduction.

 On March 14th BababaBambi will have achieved their dream of headlining a concert at the famed Budokan hall. But after that show they had announced some sort of shakeup will be going on, that was announced on January 11th at their site and there's been no news of what they meant since then. Truly hope it's no sort of breakup and why would it be as they have become quite popular in the last three years, hopefully can have any sort of news in the next group post. The members do a lot of modeling for the Maly Moon site where you can buy the group's costumes and such. There are some new pics there but instead of those will have these ones of Mio from the photo shoots for the site as I think they look much better.

 Mio's new digital book is quite amazing and can say that about all of them but think she's only had seven or so date which actually is quite a few, as mentioned will have that book in about two weeks. The WPB magazine published the book, this brand new spread from their March 11th issue has some promo pics for it. You can see why I said make sure your health insurance is paid up before viewing the sizzling photos!!!!

 Will be ending off with something different and it's from a special issue of Strike! that featured many of the Familia agency models and J-Pop groups. Mio was one of the cover girls and she shared it with Kisumi from the group #2i2. But Kisumi is more known for her gravure modeling and has she become quite popular here over this past year. Will soon have another post for her that will feature the solo pics from this special magazine and also have another brand new spread. Below have Mio's solo pics from the spread and how I wish there were videos from the photo shoots but to date there's been zero. So after the pics have an encore viewing of a mini video that was promoting her previous digital book that was released by Young King Bull. Sadly the group hasn't uploaded any videos to their YT channel for eons, it's a shame as most were so entertaining plus many were from their concerts.