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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Haruka Kodama: Her beyond breathtaking "Stay 25" photobook.... version one


 Always take the final day of a month off and is there a better post to end July with?! As many know have been talking about posting this book since March and was(still am) a bit leery about doing this post. It had a problem which I've never had with a photobook as that it was.... TOO STEAMY!!!!. There were a lot of see-through pictures and in many others Haruka left zero to the imagination. So had put this on hold as I didn't want to get a warning from Blogger, perhaps have the post deleted or maybe something more severe! So what I did was not include about a dozen photos from the book and even so you've probably never seen an (ex)Idol book like this before as sweltering would be such an understatement! The last two years Haruka seems so much more permissive and could a book with her sans clothes ever happen?

 Called this version one as this is the original book that came out at the end of last November. In a huge shocker and a very pleasant one on July 14th there was a second version of this book released. It's a digital book that is actually larger than this one. To me this new version may be a tad better and every single pic is new as none had been in this photobook. I expect this post to zoom into that section for 'Most viewed posts of the last thirty days' and remain there for a while. Once it falls out of the top ten will do the post for the new version so that'll be something for all Haruka fans to look forward to.

 Haruka's first photobook came out six years before this one when she turned nineteen in age, title to this refers to her saying goodbye to the age off 25. Sure most remember how Haruka looked when she was a member of HKT, no doubt she's been under the knife and if you ask me think she's gone under twice! This was a decent selling book as it was in the top ten for sales in it's first three weeks, it's probably sold 15-20,000 copies which is an okay total for an ex-Idol. It's been a slow period for activities as Haruka's had no regular posts since January, she does upload a lot of videos to her YT channel but there's been no events or mag spreads in seven months. Let's finally get to the photobook and even though I had to hold back a dozen pics there's still 112 of them and as mentioned above Haruka is beyond steamy in this book, no need to say enjoy the pics for I know you will immensely!