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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Miori Takimoto: Hungry! drama episode 2 screenshots and recap

Main cast:
Osamu Mukai as Eisuke Yamate- chef, owner and ex-bass player
Miori Takimoto as Chie Okusu- college student who has a crush on Eisuke and his food
Ryoko Kuninaka as Maria Tachibana- Eisuke's girlfriend
Goro Inagaki as Tokio Aso- rival restaurant owner
Ren Osugi as Taro Yamate- Eisuke's father who lives with him
Takashi Tsukamoto as Kenta Sumiyoshi- kitchen helper and ex-guitarist
Shohei Miura as Taku Hiratsuka- restaurant maitre d' and ex-vocalist
Kaname Kawabata as Tsuyoshi Fujisawa- kitchen helper and ex-drummer
Hairi Katagiri as Chikako Ebina- inept restaurant helper
Rio Yamashita as Nana Takagi- college student and Chie's best friend

 Really every episode follows the same theme which is how Eisuke and his mates struggle with the restaurant which while becoming a tad busier hasn't grown enough to cover all the expenses. His mates are two others from his failed band Rock Head and now they are joined in this episode by the other member Taku who had just gotten out of prison but he wasn't a criminal just someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
 This episode we also learn how much Chie is falling for Eisuke as you'll see in the first few screenshots, she can't stand his personality but through his cooking seems to have really fallen for him. He does already have a girlfriend and a much classier woman she is too as she works in a bank, you wouldn't think two people like that would get together but they get along so well but their relationship is not going well at all, especially since Eisuke opened up his restaurant as he's never around for her anymore.
 That's all I'm going to give away here, more happens which you can see in the screenshots but halfway through the drama I highly recommend it and try not to give away too much of the story, for myself like reading mini reviews of what a drama is like and not every detail about it, like to be surprised when I do end up watching it. Miori is something else in this series, of course my fave character but the main reason for that is because she's just so good in this show and really every show I've seen her in, hopefully all these posts I've done for her has increased her fan base by a couple of people.


  1. i remember saying that Miori Takimoto resembles Erika Toda quite a bit. and i keep seeing it every time. like in 7th and 13th pics of her here... not sure if it's her smile or eyes that gives it away, but yeah. she reminds me of Erika, visually. :D (not a bad thing, though)

  2. Like you say it's not a bad thing, Erika is 3 years older than her so maybe I'll look for some Erika pics when she was 20 or 21 and compare the two of them.