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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Marina Nagasawa: "Hatachi no Yakusoku" photobook scans part one

 Sure all Marina fans will be rejoicing at these pics which are among her best ones though aren't all of her pics simply fantastic? Title roughly translates over to 'Promise of a twenty year old' or close to that. The book came out on September 26th, less than two weeks later Marina turned 21 so perhaps the title should have been saying goodbye to being twenty.
 Not as big as most photobooks as there's eighty pics in total though every pic is 'big' if you know what I mean. Doubt if there's a 'making of video but will search for one and if found it'll be in the next post which has the other forty voluptuous pics for you to savor.


  1. I hope this girl is older then she looks. Her body look of that of a mature woman, but her face look like that of a young girl.

  2. She is a sexy little thing