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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kyoko Fukada: 2015 magazine scans and new photobook news

 Above two are from Kyoko's "(un) Touch" photobook which came out in March of 2014, those two posts here on the PB are far and away the two most viewed posts here. And with good reason too as it's simply one of the top photobooks you'll ever view as very few in history top that one.
 Kyoko just released a new PB last week, after a few mag spreads have some info on it along with a few pics. Will probably be doing another post for 2015 spreads as I was way too lazy to get to them, kind of wish I had a few more hands to do all of the posts I want to do. First set of pics is from the August 18th issue of Flash but the pics aren't exactly new as they look like outtakes from the "Down to Earth" PB which came out in 2014, think this was some sort of special issue.

 Another set of Kyoko pics from Flash which are from their September 29th issue, once again it looks like some outtakes from the "Down to Earth" PB but certainly nothing wrong with viewing even more pics from the book.

 Realize she looks older or at least compared to a decade ago but you don't think of Kyoko being an older woman but she's getting there as she turned 33 last November, least to me think she's improved with age. This spread from WPB was celebrating her b-day and this better than fine set of pics is from their November 9th issue.

 "Nu Season" is the title of the new photobook which came out on January 27th, will be having scans from the book soon. Not sure how many books this makes for her, would think at least ten with five of them coming out since 2010. Have a few promo pics for the PB, may not top her previous two books but Kyoko looks quite amazing but nothing new with thinking that way.

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  1. I started watching Dame na Watashi ni Aishite Kudasai (Please Love The Useless Me) and man, this woman is incredibly hot. I have a hard time believing she's 33. I thought she was 21 based on the previews I saw for the drama before watching it.