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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Minami Tanaka: Her beyond sweltering 'Peach John' collection pics.... 68 in all!!!!


 Did some posts for a few others for their Peach John lingerie pics and thought it was time for Minami to join them! Usually the company's models only do these modeling pics for six  months or at least that's been the case for other models or Idols. But not Minami who has been with them for well over a year now and still has new pics coming out. Very simple post as these are the only pics, some you've seen before but there's still plenty of new ones. In the title said there's 68 pics but there's actually a few more than that so may have a part two sometime in the future.

 To me these pics are so ultra hot that could be better than Minami's "Sincerely Yours" photobook that came out in December 2019. To date that's been the highest selling PB of all time and sales by now must be approaching 500,000 copies sold. On to the pics and there's really no order to them. But those above two are new ones and so aren't the first four and also the bottom two pics. Plus there's at least five others that have never been in a post so about a quarter of these pics you may have never seen. These new pics will help Minami for this year's faves list, she was my #1 in 2019 and while she won't hit that spot this year think she'll end up in the top ten. There's a new Peach John promo video out but instead of having that will have the link to their YT channel so you can view all of their videos.

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