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Friday, September 3, 2021

Tomi: Pair of huge mouthwatering mag spreads plus....


 ... very little else though that's okay. It's okay because I wasn't planning on publishing any posts for today but seeing as how I was taking Monday off thought I should squeeze this in. Am hoping to finish this in ten minutes which would be a record so better stop my babbling. So though no posts were going to be published today did write four up which you'll see tomorrow or in about fourteen hours. Reason I'm holding off on those is because of the 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show which be held tomorrow. In two of those posts just waiting for pics from the event, they're already super duper posts but those event pics will make them ultra superb.

 Those two mag spreads total well over forty pcs and they're among the best of the year. But Tomi still hasn't become all that popular here and as a matter of fact she may be the least popular gal who gets a fair amount of posts. This is her sixth of the year which means she's now qualified for the 2021 top twenty list and 22 to date have hit the six post mark. Being a quickie post means I won't go into Tomi's other activities but she still leads that J-Pop group #2i2 which she founded last Autumn, if you want to check out some of their videos here's the link to the group's channel: #2i2 YT channel

 Just because you qualify for the yearly faves list it doesn't mean you'll make the cut as it's just for my top twenty and usually 28+ are eligible. On to the pics and the only other newish pics are from Tomi's Instagram page but not too many this past month, her best buddy who is in the top pic should have another post very soon.

 While Tomi may not have enough fans here she does in Japan as she's often the cover girl for the magazine she appears in. She has that honor once again for this brand new set from the September 13th issue of WPB and wish there were videos of her photo shoots.

 We've quickly hit the end and thought I would have to hold on to the above set for a while as there's no other new spread or happenings. But checked out her other posts for this year and found out I had somehow not posted this final batch which is one of the top spreads for 2021, also largest at 29 pics. In a way it's a good think I missed this set as it means there could be a post for today and this ultra sweltering set is from the March edition of Strike!. Tomi is once again a cover girl and that guitar looks taller then she is as her height is just 149 cm. As usual no video from a photo shoot so after the pics have a live show she did last week to promote that above spread.

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