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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Miru Shiroma: Her resplendent "Aventure" photobook scans


 Taking tomorrow off so waiting a bit before this is published in hopes that another post can be done but don't bet the mortgage on it!(However did it!) Looks like we're stuck with Miru as for the second time she failed in a challenge to become part of a J/K-Pop group. That's not a bad thing though as if you are successful then you have to relocate to Korea and then we rarely hear from that person. The name of this second show that had the auditions was 'Queendom Puzzle' and Miru did make it to the semi finals or the eighth show that aired on August 8th before being eliminated. She is such a big fan of that danceable type of pop music and perhaps that's why her singles haven't been huge hits. There were two versions of this book that were released on June 7th, this is the Kindle version which does have some different photos.

 "Love Rush" was the title of Miru's first photobook and that book was so spectacular it's almost impossible to top! If you notice it's back in that section for most viewed posts for the past month and and is one of the all time most popular posts here with close to 17,000 views. "Reborn" from 2021 was Miru's second book which came out around the time she was graduating from NMB. It was a solid set of pics but of course it was a drop off from the first book. "Aventure" is the title of Miru's third book which came out close to three months ago and wonder if this will be her final one? Her first book was a solid seller as bet it sold around 35-40,000 copies, this book sold close to 3,200 copies in it's first week and then dropped off the charts. This book is decent though there's been many better ones this year, to me it appeared as though Miru did lose some weight(too much?) for the photo shoot and that did make a difference in the photos. You will notice in some pics that Miru cut her hair for the book, she chopped off 30 cm and it was the first time in years she had cut it. Enough blabbering and on to the book which was released by the WPB magazine on June 7th, there's a total of 128 pics and while all are good none are as sweltering as the ones from her first book. Miru has a YT Vlog and four days ago uploaded a video from the photo shoot that took place in Okinawa, that's after the pics.

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