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Friday, December 26, 2014

Nogizaka46: 2015 magazine scans #2

 The group's first album is coming out on January 7th which is why there's probably been so many mag spreads lately, the album is called "Toumei na Iro". Have more spreads here than the first post though most of these are smaller like this first one from the January 5th issue of TV Pia which features Reika, Manatsu and Yumi.

 Mai and Nanase from the February issue of Street Jack.

 Posted a few pics already but here's even more from the Entertainment Winter special.

 Hasn't come out yet but Mai and Nanase will be teaming up again as they're the feature girls for the Flash Winter special, here's the cover though along with some pics from the photo shoot.

 Nanase and Reika from the Feb. issue of Non-no.

 Last thing isn't a mag spread but Rena's cards for December.

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