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Friday, December 26, 2014

Nogizaka46: 2015 magazine scans #1

 Had wanted to wait until 2015 to start posting the group's mag spreads for the year but there's been so many of them for the year a;ready had to start a bit early, actually there's so many also have another post of them right after this one. Let's get right to them as there's quite a few, first off is Mai from the February issue of Ray, last pic is with Mai F. and Kazumi.

 Nanami, Nanase and Sayuri, her scandal died out very quietly, from the Feb. issue of CanCam.

 From Feb. issue of UTB, most of the pics are with Mai but there's also a few for Nanami and Kazumi plus one for Miona.

 Last spread for this post is from volume 106 of Marquee, it features Kazumi, Reika, Nanase and Sayuri.

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