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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nogizaka46: Nanami Hashimoto "Bad Boys J" drama screenshots ep's 5-8

 Like the previous post for this 2013 drama really not going to give much of a review, the next post though I'll be doing that and that post will be looking at the final four episodes of this 12 episode series. There has been one common theme for the 8 episodes I've watched which is there's a mega amount of fighting in this show, didn't realize there were so many gangs in Hiroshima, the largest and most powerful gang in this drama is called BEAST and they have over 3,000 members. And they all seem to be delinquents as none of them go to school or have jobs, though the ages haven't been said figure most of the gang members are between 16-20. Lot of fighting in these four episodes but it does seem to be decreasing a bit, lot of the rival gangs are slowly not hating the other gangs and have even teamed up on occasion to help the other gang out. I could easily be wrong about how the series will end up but think that maybe the bigger gangs are going to end up combining to form a huge gang with the leader of the Gokuraku Chou gang, who is named Tsukasa, being the leader of all of Hiroshima's gangs but that's just a guess.

 Though it's been an okay watch, better than expected at least, the only reason I'm watching this is because of my fave Nogi46 member and perhaps current #1 idol, Nanami. Her part isn't huge but the last few episodes it's gotten much bigger and also her character Kumi is somewhat of a key figure in the drama. The leader of the Gokuraku Chou gang Tsukasa has had such a crush on her since the first episode but it wasn't until the very end of the 7th episode that he finally asked her out on a date which took place the following show. The pair seem to be quite compatible, though they hadn't dated until episode 8 Kumi on occasion was a bit jealous every time Tsukasa would talk to another female which actually didn't happen too often, though a tough fighter he's really shy around girls.

 That mini recap should suffice for now, as I mentioned the next post will cover the final four episodes and will be doing a much longer review for the series. And hopefully most of you came for these screenshots of the fabulous Nanami who just looks so darn fantastic in this show, can't say she's overly kawaii nor stunning but she has that rare attractiveness about her which, least in my eyes, is just unbeatable, enjoy these pics and I'm sure you will.

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