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Friday, July 10, 2020

Yuki Yoda: Her highly anticipated "Mukuchi na Jikan" photobook scans....

 Was planning on having this post next Wednesday so I'm five days early. Didn't want to go two straight days without a post which may have been the case save for this post. It's also been exactly 119 days or seventeen weeks since the PB came out so by now having the pics won't effect the sales as it's been out of the top ten for two weeks. Was just checking the Oricon charts and was kind of shocked that seven(!) men have books in this week's top ten list for sales which is something I've never seen before. That could be because there's been so few Idol books released lately and think that trend will continue for at least another month though there are two H!P books coming out.

 Been putting gaps between the paragraphs for the posts on drama and film reviews, does make it easier to read so think I should do that for when I get a bit long winded like I am now. 

 One other reason for having only this one post in two days is that I'm going through a mini Nogi viewing marathon. There's three 'Nogi 46 hour TV Show' segments that I've watched and will be recapping them soon. But there's also a pair of Nogi 'horror' films from 2014 that I'll be reviewing, have just viewed the first which was so-so at best. Am about to watch the second one which I think will be much better, so hopefully by Sunday will have the reviews for those movies and a special intro post for them. There was also a third film from 2014 that I'm debating on whether to watch.

 Of course this is such a fabulous photobook and and for the most part hasn't every one of Nogi's photobooks been overly dazzling? But have noticed the books are falling into a bit of a rut as far as the format and theme goes. Seems every PB begins off with pics from the city they're visiting, then some beach pics followed by more from the city. Then we'll see pics from a bedroom and shower which are once again followed by pics from the area they're visiting and ending off with more beach or bedroom pics. Nothing wrong with that but just kind of noticed how almost every Nogi PB follows that order of pics save for perhaps "Passport". My #1 photobook of the year belongs to an NMB member who didn't follow that format mentioned, was going to have that PB at the end of the month but may have it next Wednesday and you'll see how different it is.

EDIT: Sounds very odd but as I was writing up the review for the "Death Blog" movie who should announce their graduation than Kana!!!! That's because she's the star of the film and hope I didn't jinx her. Will have that post on Sunday and the other movie that will be reviewed is "Death Streamed Live" that had Ami in the lead role.

 Sales for this photobook were outstanding, most fans knew it would be a huge seller but perhaps not as high as the total currently is. Nogi's best selling PB belongs to Mai as her "Passport" book has sold about 435,000 copies to date, in second place for sales is Erika's second PB "Intermission" which has sold 305,000 to date. Asuka's first and only PB has sold close to 200,000 copies and right behind her is this photobook with sales at about 192,000 copies old. Wonder if we'll ever see another photobook from Nanase as she's in fifth and sixth place for sales. Been working on a post for her which I hope to have within the week.

 Whew, lot of talk and not enough pics you viewers must be screaming!!!! So let's get to the tremendous Yuki pics and some you've already seen in her four solo posts. Yuki traveled to southwest Sicily for the photo shoot last Autumn and plenty of pics from the area. Of course Yuki looks so dazzling dressed skimpy but I kind of dig those pics of her dressed in green with glasses, kind of an endearing geeky idol look(?). This is her second PB, sales for her first one were solid as that sold about 92,000 copies. Finally on to the pics which total 122, seems Nogi books have been getting bigger and big is an apt description for her in many of the pics. May have another Yuki solo post soon as she'll be appearing in her first film that's coming out in exactly four weeks.

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