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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Saki Fukuda: New Instagram pics and a bit more....

 Most posts have been drawing quite a few views, thanks to all who keep viewing them but looks like I'll reverse that trend here with a Saki post, her posts don't draw as nearly enough fans or potential fans. Would love to do more posts on Saki but there really hasn't been too many new things to post about her, however she did another guest spot on a drama last week which is called "Ninjyo". She posted that info on her blog though haven't found the episode yet but that show is on Daily Motion so it should be uploaded soon and then will be back with some screenshots from it.
 Saki is going to be appearing in another play, she's done many of them since 2010, think this may be her tenth one since then. The play is called "A Wanderer's Notebook", looks to be a fairly big production though it won't be starting until October. It's also going to be a long running one as it's going to be staged in most of the major cities until January, here's the poster for it.

 Guess with a play running that long we may not see her in a drama or film this year though she has done at least four guest spots this year on a drama. One thing Saki has at least been doing is updating her Instagram account with pics and here's some from the last few weeks.

 Last thing here as there's not an infinite amount of pics so need to economize on them a bit. Have already done a post with a few of these pics but have found many more of them from a press conference that took place on March 3, 2011 for the 13th 'All-Japan National Girl Contest". Saki just brings adorable to a new level so we really needed more pics from the event and recall her saying she had applied for the contest many years before but wasn't accepted, what were the judges thinking!?!?

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