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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nogizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #7- March issue of Bubka

 Mentioned the lineup in the last mag spread post, said at the time there were three new Undergirls who made the jump to the ranks of being a Senbatsu member. Those three are in the upper right so at the time missed Ranze who is in the back row third from left. She has quite a few fans who were pulling for her to be on the new single so they were rewarded, still no other details yet on it.
 Asuka had her first photobook come out last week, Mai has her second one coming out next Monday and Nanami has her graduation PB coming out on February 20th. But it was just announced a few days ago there's a fourth member that will be releasing a book and that's Manatsu. It's coming out on February 28th and there's no title for it yet. Kind of surprised me she has a PB coming out over a few other members but by the looks of this promo pic perhaps it was the right choice.

 Nogi mag spreads seem to be getting bigger by the month, this Bubka set has 32 pics and there were 46 of them in the March issue of UTB. Don't know much about the third generation members but you will get to meet a few of them in these sets. They're paired with some of the popular members such as Yuki Yoda shares this huge set with Nanase.

 Smaller sets with the newbies paired up with the older members, no need to tell you their names as they're on the pics.

 There were two solo spreads in this issue and the first one here features Sayuri who I haven't seen in a solo spread for eons it seems.

 Naturally the other one is of Asuka who has done so many spreads recently due to her first photobook coming out last week. Know the book sold like hotcakes but the official numbers don't come out for two days and will let you know what they were.

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