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Monday, November 13, 2017

Yuria Kizaki: 'Stagedoor" photobook scans part one

 No more Yuria with AKB as she graduated on September 30th, she also had a graduation concert with SKE a few days prior to that as she had originally started out with them. No clue what the future holds for her, like most Idols when they leave a group Yuria's plans are to concentrate on acting. I've seen her in a few AKB dramas and to me she seems she has some talent but the market is also way too flooded these days with Idols.
 Will expand on it more in a future post or two but what hurts most Idols moving on is their height. In their groups it's hard to notice as so many members tend to be shorter. May sound odd but most popular actresses tend to be over 163 cm and quite a few are around 170 cm which is about 66 inches. Very few are less than 62 inches tall and Yuria's height is 156 cm, she's a likable gal so would like to see things work out for her but besides her height seems the entertainment industry has kind of soured on AKB members the past few years.

 Hope that didn't sound negative as it wasn't planned that way, just stating some facts/observations and Yuria has been one of my fave '48' family members for many years now. There's no doubt Nogi has put out some fine photobooks this year but to me none of them have anything on Yuria's as this is truly one fabulous PB, as a matter of fact it's not far from being number one for this year. Her "Peace" PB from a few years back was also an excellent book, that title was her AKB nickname. There's a total of 128 pics, have eighty here with the others in the next post which also has some pics and a video from a promo event for the book.

EDIT: Once again a post isn't viewable when you go to the next page, you need to click on the part two post which is under November's posts.

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  1. I need a senzu bean because of those final shots of blue denim and white, those were a knockout👊