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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Nogizaka46: 2019 Magazine scans #13 and more....

 Not that many Nogi fans are also drama fans but am still working on my new blog. Have been transferring some actress, drama and film posts over to it and am about 95% done with that. Figuring that Saturday will be the first day with brand new posts that aren't here, will have one complete drama recap along with a few actress posts(hopefully). But as I mentioned last weekend there will still be as many posts here for Nogi, NMB, SKE and other Idols that I've posted often about, the only difference is that there will be no more posts for dramas or actresses. True there's been a slowdown lately for Idol posts but blame them as besides Nogi there's been virtually zippo to post about recently.
 At the top and below is a fave of many here but sadly haven't had a solo post for her in eons. It's Nogi Captain Reika I'm referring to and the pics aren't because she's graduating(yet) but on May 16th she'll be turning 25! That makes her Nogi's seventh oldest member and that's because of graduations as three years ago she was the 11th oldest member.

 But there was a Nogi graduation four days ago though there was no big celebration. On Sunday Yuuri had her last group event and she's someone who I really have liked over the years but she hasn't been in the limelight as much as other members, she is a first generation gal. Thought I would do a send off post for her as I didn't expect any new things from her. But.... SURPRISE!!!!.... there won't be any special post yet for her as it was announced a few days ago that Yuuri would be releasing her first photobook on June 20th!
 That news came out of nowhere but am quite glad it did as it means we should be seeing her in some mags to promote it and there should be an event for it. Picked a tough time to release the PB though as during that time there are also books from a Keya and NMB member coming out. These are a few promo pics for the book which was shot in Bali.

 Speaking of Keya it's nice to see some members don't consider them to be a hated rival....

 Oooops, almost forgot but bet most fans didn't. That's for the date of May 29th as Nogi's 23rd single "Sing Out" will be released.

 Had promised to have a solo post for Mai but that didn't work out so well, at the moment would place her second on my fave members list. There's always a shortage of mag spreads featuring her but she was recently signed to be an exclusive model for Oggi and have some fabulous new pics from
their site.

 On to the mag spreads but this first batch isn't one. Can't remember if I posted the spreads from the June issue of Bomb, will go back and check and if not expect them in the next group post. But there were many outtake and behind the scenes pics at the Bomb Twitter site which features the trio of Minami, Miona and Yuki. Hope you like Minami as much as I do these days because she has two more sets and came close to doing another post for her.

 Actually not as many mag spreads as I thought, still need to learn to count past ten pics. Shiori is someone we've been seeing a lot of recently, this is the third post in a row she's had a solo spread which is from Weekly Shonen #23 but it's only four pics. Also with four from the mag is the now incomparable Minami, we truly need her to have a PB. After her pics are three new outtake ones from her UTB #278 photo shoot, had that spread in her solo post.

 To end off have one more Minami spread, looking at the above pic while typing this and gaping at that more than at what I'm writing, whew! She's been the cover girl for so many mags recently and she has the honor again for the May issue of BLT Graph. Not positive but think she'll be at Sunday's 'Girls Awards' show, know a few other members will be in attendance.

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