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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Ruka Matsuda: What better way to begin 2022 than with her spectacular "Luca" photobook!


 Wrote this up before the next post so we'll call this the first post for 2022. Lot of the really superb photobooks I tend to hold on to for a special occasion, especially if they're a tad older and almost always have them at the beginning of a month to garner the post a few more views. Shame Ruka hasn't had more posts over the years as she's just so popular here, it's a bit amazing at how many views her posts have received. This is her seventh regular post in 2 1/2 years along with five for dramas. I bet there's only been 4-5 other gals who have a higher average for their posts than Ruka, not enough posts though to qualify for any list. I guarantee every one of her fans will love this book and these days prefer women that look like her over the really bodacious models and Idols.

 I've seen Ruka in five dramas which is how I got to know her, never has the lead role but it's usually a decent sized one. However no regular dramas for over a year now which is surprising, she must have been in a dozen from 2016-20. This is Ruka's first and only photobook to date, hope it's not her last one as it's a terrific set of pics but wouldn't hold your breath for a second book. The PB was released on  April 27, 2019 and it's been so long can't recall what the sales were. The photo shoot took place in the Philippines and it's a bit of a large book at 116 pics. Sadly there's no video of the photo shoot but here's a video for an event held on the day of it's release: Photobook event


  1. Thanks a lot for this! I'm still gonna buy a physical copy of this photobook coz I like her. Too bad there's no stock at cdjapan atm and the proxy service priced her PB double than usual

  2. Problem for actresses like Ruka who aren't superstars is that when their book sells out it rarely gets a reprint unlike very popular Idols.