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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tsubasa Honda: Two "Fullmetal Alchemist" movie premiere pics

 Was debating whether to hold on to these pics for a while but figured I didn't need to. Another spoiler for the top twenty list but it's probably not a surprise that Tsubasa is going to have a very high position. There will be plenty of new pics for that upcoming post and there may another one for today's event as there hasn't been a dependable video of it released yet.

 This film should be the hit of the holiday season and what a popular franchise it's been in Japan as it's sold close to seventy million mangas and has been a hit anime too. Didn't think of it until now but wonder if there will be a few sequels, only makes sense as there are 27 volumes. Haven't heard any news of any future films but can remember it's happened on a few occasions in the past where they make two or more films at once such as 'Death Note.
 In the film Tsubasa plays the main female character of Winry though wouldn't call her a heroine, doubt if she'll be as sassy as the character is in the film. There's been a lot of promoting for the film and will have more pics of them coming up, the ones here are from an interview for Ameblo.

 The movie was released yesterday but the events didn't take place until today, wonder why they couldn't have had one each day. First off was the premiere of the film which took place at the Marunochi Picadilly where most of the bigger premieres tend to take place.

 Then a few of the cast were whisked off to Chiba and you'll notice that Tsubasa's attire remained the same, that's fine as she looked oki doki in that outfit. The Chiba event was for this year's 'Tokyo Comic Con' and think because it's so huge it's held at a few venues. At the event was a cosplay competition where there were a hundred pairs dressed as their fave characters from the movie.
 Good idea that no one tried to do a cosplay of Tsubasa as no one comes close to looking like her!!!! Plenty of pics here from the second event here but like I mentioned no good video on YT yet or at least one that won't be deleted. But have a better video than I think any from the premieres would have been as after the pics is a longish promo video with interviews, behind the scenes footage, etc.

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