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Also these days(mid-2017) have many posts for Korean actresses, dramas and films that are worth checking out as over the years have become a much bigger fan of Korean dramas versus the ones from Japan.

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Rikako Aida: Her intro post #1.... "R.A." photobook scans

 Been a long time since any new person has been introduced and of all things today's celebrant is mainly known for being a.... voice actress! She's not the first one of them I've posted about as Haruka Tomatsu has that honor plus did someone else whose name escapes me. Have had a few requests to post about some other voice actresses and may get to some of them in the future.
 Rikako certainly has done a lot of work as a voice actress though she didn't start as one until 2014, she's also an actress who had appeared in some films and dramas prior to that year. Should be a few posts for Rikako coming up so will have more bio info as time goes on. Her second photobook "R.A." was released on July 19th and on that day there was an event held for it.

 Rikako celebrated her 26th b-day two days ago so she's one of the more older gals I've introduced. This PB was put out by the Young Jump magazine and they also put out her first one back in March. It's actually a mini book as there's only 42 pics but Rikako looks so fabulous in the pics and where has she been hiding all these years.... er, perhaps behind a microphone? Someone mentioned that this is a 'promo book' for the regular PB which has over a hundred pics so that'll be something else to look out for. Will have a few mag posts coming up and also her first PB very soon, after the pics you can check out a video of the above July 19th event.

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  1. Have you ever stumbled on the Japanese announcers bro coz I'm on that boat m8 and we are sailing! They look pretty damn good IMO. Couple of names- Misato Ugaki, Ayako Kato, Maki Okazoe and the best one, Minami Tanaka