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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Hiroe Igeta: Young Jump digital mini photobook "Dramatic" scans....

 Not to be confused with another photobook of the same title which is one of the best ever. This is Hiroe's fifth post in a week and seems most viewers have taken a liking to her. Hiroe is now eligible for this year's top twenty faves list though for now the odds are against her making it. However it's not out of the question that she does, think if I can do another post or two for Hiroe this next month she just may squeeze on to it.
 Out of those five posts three have been for mini photobooks, call them mini as none were that large and this one only contains 35 pics. The other two were for WPB, this one as the title says was put out by the Young Jump magazine. To date Hiroe has only appeared once in their mag, it was back in May and the spread had some outtake pics from this digital book that was released on May 23rd.


  1. Very beautiful young woman. I feel a little exposed appreciating beauty in such a voyeuristic way, but thought I'd leave a comment anyway. Hoping her work goes well. God bless

  2. Such great beauty, it is wonderful to be able to share it this way. Does the book have additional photos? I ask because I am restricted from purchasing photobooks at Amazon.jp because of my region, is there another outlet available to purchase them?

  3. Not aware of any more pics, most of these digital books are much smaller than regular photobooks and only have 35-40 pics.

  4. Been really loving her as Shirakawa-san!!!

  5. Took a month break from dramas as I was overdosing on them but restarted 'Shoujiki Fudousan' yesterday and have four current ones on the 'to view' list. Didn't know about Hiroe's latest drama so will put that on the list too. First saw her in the "Kamen Rider Zero" series which was a fun watch but those shows are way too long. "Bokura ga Koroshita, Saiai no Kimi" was a solid drama too and while her role was large it wasn't 'meaty' enough.