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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Bae Suzy: Pair of recent events....

 In the years 2017 and 2018 did so many posts for my fave Korean actresses and dramas. But the amount of posts really took a dip last year as way too many of my faves didn't appear in any shows, weren't at any events or in magazines. That's such a shame as I do prefer Korean actresses over their peers from Japan and think that way about dramas too. Things are looking up though as the posts for Korean actresses and shows should be increasing, know many are rolling their eyes over that news but I'm certainly happy and do think these days the amount of drama fans has increased.
 There's one huge fave who has a drama starting in three days, the following week another fave of mine has a show starting and yet another one next month. So finally can do a few posts for them, will wait until the first episodes have been aired and subbed to include some screenshots in those posts. Hopefully there will be some other tidbits for happenings as because of them being so quiet this past year haven't been following their activities as closely.

 Suzy though was busy last year though not as much as in previous years. She does attend as many events  as always but have noticed a slowdown in mag spreads and modeling pics, with the Spring season coming up there should be many new pics of her modeling coming out. For 2019 Suzy was 7th on my faves list but of all twenty her post for the list received the least amount of views, had thought she was a bit more popular and she has made the top twenty list three years in a row.
 Not all that much for today as it's mainly just the two events but they do total over forty pics. What got my blood pressure zooming up the other day was the news of Suzy being pregnant and there were some pics of it!!!! But it was all a stunt to thank the people who have attended her latest film "Ashfall" which has been a major hit. It was her first film in four years, she's not the busiest of actresses but when Korean dramas are so long it's understandable. These are some recent Instagram pics and the top two are the ones I was referring to of her being 'pregnant'.

 No mag spreads for a few months but do expect some to be coming out soon. So will go back in time to 2017 and this superb set of pics from Bazaar.

 In Suzy's last few posts have been having screenshots and a mini recap for her "Vagabond" drama that aired last Autumn. But am thinking of having regular recaps for this series as it's really turned into such an exciting and intense show, hard to follow everything that happens in one or two  paragraphs. Knew it was going to be a fun watch coming in but didn't think it would be this intense and I need to start watching it on a more consistent basis.
 Her character's name is Hae-Ri who was an INS(National Security) agent that had been demoted to the Morocco embassy. While there a Korean plane crashed in the country killing all 211 on board but was there one survivor? A Korean stuntman who happened to be in Morocco thinks so, his name is Cha and he gets hooked up with Hae-Ri who believes his story of terrorists blowing the plane up but her boss in Korea doesn't think so.
 The pair went through so much in the country and there's definitely something going on behind the scenes. Hae-Ri's boss I think believes the story too but won't admit it, before she can get any more evidence at the end of episode three he ordered her back to Korea. These are from the first twenty minutes of the fourth show when she and Cha arrive back in Korea. They weren't there long before there was an attempt on his life plus Cha saw a murdered man in a hotel room but the scene was quickly cleaned up by some unknown agents.... whew, what an action packed show.

 The drama aired on SBS and had some high ratings which is a bit rare for Korean series these years. Once again Suzy was nominated for a best actress award and for about the tenth time won it! The ceremony took place on December 31st and Koreans don't celebrate their new year on that date? Besides the best actress award Suzy also won for best couple with her co-star in the "Vagabond" drama. Think she has another series starting up in May but it's a bit early for info about it.

 These are some older pics from Lancome cosmetics as there's no new ones.

 Mentioned Lancome because yesterday Suzy was at an event for a new 'pop-up' store for the brand. It took place at the Lotte World Tower in Seoul, of course Suzy looked out of this world and perhaps a bit conservative but then again it is Winter. Plenty of fabulous pics from the event plus after them have a short video of it.

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