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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Tsubasa Honda: Few recent tidbits....

 Tsubasa has the fourth most posts of any actress and I'll bet more than anyone save for Nogi gals since 2015. But what a slow stretch it's been for her since last August and you can't blame the current crisis in Japan for that. At one time she used to appear at so many events, just two in the last eight months plus has really cut back on her modeling work. Tsubasa is the only woman to make all of my yearly lists plus she was on my all time top twenty list and she never finished lower than tenth. Am a bit worried about this year though and she better have a busy second half of the year or for the first time will be looking at my faves list wondering who made it versus where did she place!
 Hope that didn't sound negative because it wasn't, just that Tsubasa has been such a massive fave of mine for so many years and really have been missing her lately. She'll be turning 28 on June 27th and have noticed that when a huge fave of mine approaches thirty they cut back on their activities drastically. Can't give a good reason why that takes place, it doesn't happen gradually but almost overnight. To me my faves look better when they're aged 27+ versus when they were in their young twenties. Can understand some may get married and have children but that has been a rarity for my bigger faves. So wonder have they made enough $$ so they don't have to work as much? Or are they getting tired of being actresses, models or whatever and just want to take it easy?

 In Tsubasa's case hope it's just a case of wanting to step back for a while, to me she could be the most perfect example of a woman not needing to be overly bodacious to be so ultra alluring. I'm not a great salesman as this will be like most of her posts and really not all that exciting. But then again the pics are all fabulous though not enough of them as there's only been about forty new ones since her last post in early February. There's nothing scheduled for Tsubasa for the second half of the year yet but it may not have mattered as filming on most projects has ground to a halt. How about starting off with a few new pics from the Voce site.

 Know there were only three pics but they're promoting their next issue as Tsubasa will be their cover girl. Not as many modeling pics as there once were, she's been an exclusive model for More since September 2018 and these are all recent pics from their site.

 Plus have some mag pics from More, the top six are from their April issue while the other four are from their May edition.

 But that bottom pic is from their June/July issue as Tsubasa will be gracing another cover. This past week have noticed a few mags are doubling up their issues, such as More putting two months together while some weeklies are now putting out an issue every other week. There's supposed to be a 'Girls Award' show next week but I'm really wondering if that'll take place. Tsubasa doesn't appear at too many of those shows these days which of course is such a shame. But she did appear at their 2018 Spring/Summer show that took place in May. It was also her 'graduation' from the Non-no magazine and those are pics I really miss.

 At the bottom of the post will have a new Tsubasa CM for Amano which features a short behind the scenes segment.

 Final Tsubasa item for today is this smallish spread from the May issue of Spring.

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