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Monday, June 1, 2020

Nogizaka46: Mizuki Yamashita.... "Wasurerarenai Hito" photobook scans

 First post for June and I'm fairly confident there will be many more posts this month. May actually wasn't too low as there were 49 done which isn't all that bad considering the current situation. Did check the previous two years and in both years May had the fewest posts of any month so perhaps the arrival of warm weather after such a dreary seven month Winter is a reason also.
 Have had this photobook for some time now as many have known but don't like to post PB pics too soon as not to affect sales. This book came out in January so guess that's enough time and sales are now a fraction of what they once were. A Nogi photobook did come out last week which was the fourth one this year for a member. But it got me thinking will there be any more this year? There's no impending books scheduled and with the ban on so many things there can't be any photo shoots done in Japan nor many other countries. Title of the book in English can mean Unforgettable Me/One and sales to date are 161,000 copies sold. The PB finally has dropped out of the top ten for sales but that total is the seventh best selling Nogi PB to date. Plus for the first half of the year it was the fourth best selling PB overall.

 Can remember when Mizuki and the other third generation members joined Nogi back in 2016. To me she was the most mature of the bunch even though she wasn't the oldest. Back then Mizuki's #1 goal was to be a popular Idol and to me her attitude was 'nothing can stop me from attaining that goal' and it appears she did reach it as these days she's one of Nogi's most popular members.
 Enough blabbering as most want to view the pics and can't blame you at all for that thought. As you can see in the pics Mizuki traveled to Paris for her photo shoot, first Nogi member to go there for a PB but Yuuka from Keya also went there for her book. Always thought Mizuki was kind of a conservative woman but don't think that way these days as there's some truly voluptuous pics in this book that total 121 which is one of Nogi's biggest photobooks.

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