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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Nogizaka46: Yuuri Saito's enchanting "7 byou no Shiawase" photobook scans!!!!


 This is a name you can spell in English with either one or two U's, have used two all along and it doesn't matter much when you do a search for her. So here's easily my most underrated Nogi member, not to me personally but think she never got the attention she deserved. If it wasn't for members such as Yuuri I would have never have become such a huge Nogi fan, she may have been the highlight for their variety shows up until 2016. Yuuri does have four prior solo posts plus has been in at least thirty group posts so if you're also a fan bet there's over 500 more pics of her if you want to check out older Nogi posts. One other thing is if I ever get around to having a list of my all time Nogi members she'd be in my top ten. Did a mini list back in 2015 and she finished eighth(?), so even though it's been a while since you've seen her name here she's still one of my all time fave Nogi gals.

 One other thing is if there was also a list for my hottest Nogi members ever I can see Yuuri ending up in the fifth position!!!! So that's what I mean saying she was very underrated when she was a member but up until the third generation joined she and most members had quite a bit of time in the limelight, that became impossible once the group was approaching fifty members. On a sad note last May Yuuri announced she was retiring from the entertainment industry and there's been so many other ex-Idols the last few years who have also done that. Yuuri did host a popular radio show called 'Nutty' and did star in a pair of stage plays but wasn't doing much else. Yuuri said she wanted to be a fashion designer but have no clue how that's been working out. So will be checking to see if there's any new info and if so why not have another post for her in the future?

 Whew, now can you see why she's in the top five for my hottest Nogi members!!!! Yuuri graduated at the end of May 2019, this book was released three weeks later and the title means Seven seconds of happiness. In it's first month this book sold 25,000 copies so bet the overall total was around 30,000 which isn't extremely high but not all that bad either. This was just the second graduation book for a Nogi member, these days those are the only kinds they have. The photo shoot took place in Bali and there's a total of 107 pics, Yuuri just looks so darn good to me and has since 2013 so it's a shame we'll never see alluring pics like these again.... To me the ending pics are really superb as Yuuri featured some of her close Nogi mates from over the years, many may not know this but Yuuri's closest friend in Nogi had been Nanase and wonder if they still see each other?

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