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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Hinako Kitano: Her awe-inspiring "Kuuki no Iro" photobook scans!!!!


 Am wondering if.... this will be the final Nogi book I ever post? Do have one more but unsure whether to post the book, asked if anyone wanted it and got no responses. There's only a trio of members who I still follow, if one of them has a book will post that but if not this could be it! And there's no member who Id rather have the final book for than Hinako who I've been such a fan of since 2015. And even more so the last three years as she finally began to get many more posts here in early 2020, she's by far my #1 Nogi member!

 And being busier has paid off as Hinako ended up in the second position on my 'Top Twenty Faves of All Time' list. Plus on this year's faves list she'll end up being in either the third or fourth spot, also at sixteen posts this has been by far her busiest year ever. At first was worried about Hinako's solo career after she left Nogi at the end of April but there was zero to worry about. She signed with a new agency and has been so busy since June, bit of a slow stretch the last month though.

 Its hard to believe but the first three pics above were outtake ones and never appeared in the book, how can that very top pic not be included?! Hinako is a bit odd and quirky which is one of the reasons I've been so attracted to her. While most Idols would go to a major city or tropical paradise for a photo shoot she went to Sweden for this photobook!  The setting of the book was in the very chilly Kiruna area. That's the most northern town in Sweden and is just north of the Arctic circle, she must have been freezing for those outdoor pics in a bathing suit! This book was released on December 27, 2018 and while you've seen most of the best pics there's so many pics that hadn't been posted plus its nice to finally have them all together. This was a decent selling book as it sold over 65,000 copies, not as many gravure pics as Hinako's second book but she looks just as good or in other words just as perfect!!!!

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