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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nogizaka46: The Mai Shiraishi post #?- 2013 mag spreads


 In Nanami's last post which was on Monday was mentioning just about everything about the group from the last two years has been posted here. And I do mean everything whether it's mag spreads, cards, concerts, TV appearances, promo events, etc. However prior to 2014 there's very little here about the group so on these slower days will be working on filling in the blanks, there's not as much stuff for 2012 and 2013 compared to the last two years but I'll bet there could end up being a lot of posts.
 Most of the older mag spreads are group ones as there aren't too many solo collections except when it comes to Mai, since day one there's really no member close to her as far as solo mag spreads go. Will work backwards on these, there seemed to be a fairly good sized amount of spreads for 2013, not as many for 2012. Have four truly terrific Mai spreads today, there's not as much of a difference in her looks since 2013 but she's changed so much since the group's inception back in August 2011. First fabulous set of pics is from the May 17th issue of Young Gangan.

 Wonder if there are any plans for another Mai photobook, hard to beat the way she looked in her first book and as a matter of fact think it was released exactly a year ago give or take a day. With pics like these from Young Animal #9 really think she deserves that second PB.

 All these spreads are so stupendous hard to say which is the best one, this set may take the honors which is from the July 10th issue of Flash.

 Then again this final Mai spread from Big Comic Spirits #42 could take the honors of being the best one for the day, kind of like it when the choices are as tough as these.

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