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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nogizaka46: 2016 magazine scans #5- 'Flash best for 2016'

 Won't make it a 100% promise but this should be the last Nogi post for the year, will try to hold off on their "Utagassen" show until Saturday. Then again if Nanami finally releases a new PB with her sans clothing(!?) then all bets are off!!!! Hmmmm, but if that does happen then there's a 100% chance you won't see me as there's no way my eyes would leave that book, either that or the paramedics would be trying to revive me.
 Just the one mag spread today but it's a really huge collection with 35 pics. Flash magazine puts out these 'Best Of' specials for each season of the year so this would be the Winter edition though they called it "Flash best for 2016". Broken down in quite a few sections so will separate them all for everyone, some really fabulous pics is this spread. To start off we have the foursome of Mai, Nanase, Nanami and Sayuri.

 Two pics with the duo of Reika and Rena followed by a few misc. ones, last one is with Maaya.

 The spread also had a few oldies but goldies pics from previous issues.

 Back to new pics which is a mini group set called "All My Collection", it's promoting their new video collection which just came out on DVD last week.

 Last set of new pics features the trio of Himeka, Marika and Sayuri.

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