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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Saki Fukuda and Erika Toda: 'Saki from the vault' #14- TBS All Star show from 2010

 Posted some of these pics in an 'Erika from the Vault' post about a year or so ago but not many of them featured Saki. Could have held off on this post as I'd like to do at least one post for Saki every week and would have been easier to hold on to these pics for a week but once I get started posting about her it's hard to stop.
 This TBS All Star Show took place in October 2010, don't know if they still have the show but it's or was a fairly good one. They would invite some of the major cast members for that season's new drama to appear on the show, at the time the pair along with a few others from the cast were promoting the "SPEC" drama which was going to start in about two weeks.
 Erika of course had the lead in the series and her character's name was Toma. Saki's character in the drama was named Shimura, in the show the pair really didn't care for each other, Shimura especially didn't like Toma at all. We didn't see much of them together until the last five episodes when they had a few confrontations, when I do the next post for the drama will get into more details about why they had such averse feelings for each other.
 Of course on this special show they certainly had no bad feelings towards each other, as far as pairs in the world goes really hard to top this duo. Like I mentioned in that two post two down from this one "SPEC" was the first thing I saw Saki in, was kind of easy falling for her fabulous looks which have only gotten more stupendous. Nothing more to add but hope you enjoy these but that should be a very simple thing to do.

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