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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Hinako Kitano: Happy 26th Birthday!!!!


 There aren't many bigger faves who I enjoy doing posts more for but will admit wouldn't be doing this save that it's her 26th birthday! Did have a post for Hinako back in June that was chockful of new pics but that's not the case for today. In that last post did say it would be nice to have a monthly post but that was more wishful thinking but she's now in third place for most posts this year. So while not many new pics have older ones which are new for here, some oldies that many may have forgotten about or had never seen so all in all least the pics will be ultra super duper.

 Some conservative pics to begin off with, personally I really prefer these kinds of pics from her but will end off with some sweltering ones from her photobooks. So in three weeks will begin the countdown for my second 'Top Twenty Faves of All Time' list and have finally settled on who the twenty will be. In August will have ten positions, twenty to eleven, then in September the top ten. So this should be Hinako's last post until September for she will make the top ten, probably around eighth. Over the last few years she's been back and forth between being my first or second top Nogi member ever. So while Hinako may not be my current #1 overall she is my all time fave Nogi gal and of the four ex-members who will make the top twenty list she'll have the highest position.

 Forgot to take more screenshots of her graduation concert which took place on March 24th, maybe I should devote a whole post to it? So of course there's never going to be any more new Nogi cards but do have some older ones to celebrate her birthday....

 Have been going back and including Nogi group cards from 2021 in these posts, there hadn't been many of them here. So this set here for February, January and New Year's finishes off the year, don't know if many of her 2020 cards have been posted and if not will get to that year also.

 Hinako didn't do all that much after her Nogi graduation but has now signed with a new agency and hope they keep her busy! Her first activity is starring in the stage play "Kamata Koshinyoku" which opened on July 8th. That morning there was a brief press conference for the play and the cast also performed a short rehearsal too which you can view in a video after the pics. Would have had more pics from the event but how I hate those face masks....


 Hinako also did the rounds to promote the stage play doing five interview with sites, this batch here are from Model Press.

 One more set of interview pics which are with the Real Sound site, here's the link to it and Hinako talked about more than the play: Real Sound interview

 Almost forgot that Hinako will be appearing at the August 4th 'Kansai Collection' show so perhaps there may be a post next month. She also made an appearance at the May 28th 'Sapporo Collection' show and the pics from that show were too perfect to describe....

 Wonder if we'll ever see another magazine spread from her? Won't say NO but not holding my breath waiting for the next one!!!! So let's go back in time for a spread which I'm sure most have forgotten about or had never seem from the May 2017 issue of Bubka.

 We're getting close to the end, turned out to be a decent post but wish there were more new pics such as from her IG page but oddly there's only been one in the last few weeks. So let's end off with a kind of challenge and it's up to you to decide which Hinako photobook you like more? This first set of pics is from her first book that was released in December 2018 and has sold 62,000 copies to date.

 Or do you prefer these pics from Hinako's second book that was released in February? It's sold a little over 50,000 copies to date, less than the first book but was the fifth best seller for the first half of the year. So while this second book had more sweltering pics I like that first book a bit more, someone made a recent comment where they also enjoyed book #1 more too and the photo shoot for that took place in Sweden. Surprised Hinako hasn't opened her own YT channel, she seems like someone whose videos would be fun and interesting. No new videos so after the pics have a another one from the Sapporo Collection' show that's a bit different than the one in her previous post.

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