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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Hinatazaka46: The majestic first.... Akari Nibu post!!!!


 Wasn't sure if I could squeeze a post in for today but as you can see was able to and there's a slim chance there could be another but don't hold your breath! Why I really wanted to do this is because I promised all Hina fans Akari's first ever solo post would be done this month and made it in the nick of time. Bit of a quickie post yet there are over seventy new pics, am holding back some things as I'm hoping to have her second post in about two weeks and that should work out. As many fans know Akari just released her first photobook and have many promo pics for it to end the post off with. 

 Akari was so much busier in the first half of the year compared to the last two months. She voiced a character in an anime movie and lot of info about that was in group posts along with at least five mag spreads from earlier this year. Let's get to things and though this is her first solo post she must have hundreds of pics in group posts. Am holding back Akari's newer 'Uni's on Air' game pics for her next post, this batch are promo pics for another Hina game called 'The Mysterious Library'.

 Akari's height is 157 cm but she seems shorter than that. First eight pics here are group cards from earlier this year while the bottom three are from last year's 'W-Keyaki Fes', new ones for this year should be coming out soon. Keya had to bow out of the festival but they will be having a pair of makeup concerts in three weeks.

 Akari has been doing the rounds to promote the book as she's done too many interviews to count the past month, these are from the Yahoo Japan site.

 Even more Akari pics to promote the book which are from the Crank site and have the link to it here: Crank interview

 Seemed that Akari had more mag spreads than any other member this year up until June, now that she has a photobook they've ceased?! She will be in an upcoming one which should be in her next post, this has been her last solo set to date from the June issue of BLT.

 We've hit the end and have twenty promo pics for the book with the first three being the covers. Do have more pics from which will also be in Akari's next post, the photo shoots took place in Aomori last Winter so this book was planned well in advance, the beach pics were taken in Setouchi. Akari has hosted 'Showroom' twice this month to promote the book, after the pics is a video for her July 5th appearance.

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